Carlie Morris says:
2015-06-07 17:12:06

Michael did amazing with my piercings! I went in to get my industrial pierced while I was on vacation and was back in less than two weeks to let him pierce my tragus. It was so clean and they were all so nice. Out of all of my 12 piercings, those two seemed so easy. If i decided to get anymore piercings or even a tattoo, I would be sure to take a 6 hour drive just to go back to them!

admin says:
2015-06-06 06:32:10

We are sorry if we came off as too offensive, that was not our intention. We are a shop of 10 artists who pride themselves on the work they do from start to finish, and some of them will tattoo fingers. With finger tattoos in general though, we always try and convince the person requesting one not to get it because of many things. First the tattoo process itself isn't easy because of the type of skin on the finger and the healing process exposes the fingers to all of the elements as well as general wear and tear from using your hands and constantly bending the knuckles and rubbing together with other fingers. The chances of the whole tattoo or even parts of it fading off completely are very high and will most likely need to be touched up frequently. Typically, when you see a picture of a finger tattoo on the internet, it is usually a picture of that tattoo immediately after it was done. What you hardly ever see is the 6 months to a year later photos of a partially faded or missing tattoo. Again we are sorry you felt the way you did when you left us. We hope your tattoo turned out great.



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