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20 Oct 2015

2015 Fall Bike Rally


Welcome Bikers to Panama City and Panama City Beach for the Fall 2015 Bike Rally!!

Bikes have been rolling in all this past weekend and getting ready for the rally that starts Wednesday the 21st and runs through Sunday the 25th.

Be sure to check out all the awesome events going on around town, but don’t forget to swing by Oxygen Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio for all of your ink and piercing needs. We have something for everyone, ranging from men and women’s tattoos to exotic body piercings. Custom tattoos and portrait tattoos wanted no problem. We have a staff of excellent and professional artists. Swing by the tattoo shop anytime for all your needs!

Be safe and watch for motorcycles! Look twice, save a life!

31 May 2015

Pricing!! HOW MUCH IS….


body sleeve

Constantly via phone and emails and internet we are asked how much is a butterfly, a sleeve, a word, a sentence, and many other pictures or ideas.  This is like asking how much is a bag of groceries! Its not that we don’t want to give you a price but it all depends on whether there is lobster in that bag or just plain old Ramen noodles.

When pricing a piece, artists and staff alike need to know details. What size, what font, what style, how big, where, what colors? Its hard!!!! When we say we can’t price over the phone it is not because we want to be jerks, we just can’t see what you are imagining or your ideas without talking to you in person about ALL THE DETAILS!!!

Swing by the shop anytime and we can discuss with you all these things. We don’t mind at all looking at your ideas and listening to your tattoo desires. This is what makes our jobs great! WE LOVE TALKING TO YOU ABOUT WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU!!!



22 May 2015

Memorial Day 2015


memorial day 2015A holiday is here with sales and discounts and plenty of Memorial Day weekend fun at the beach and pool, but lets not forget the real reason for Memorial Day!!

Established first as “Decoration Day” a day to decorate soldiers graves from the Civil War, and was officially changed to Memorial Day after World War II to a national Holiday.

Remember to never forget! It’s not just a 3 day weekend.


29 Apr 2015

Spring Bike Rally!


welcome bikers 2

Well, it is that time of year again…. when the Thunder Roars through Panama City and Panama City Beach, you know it has come. Spring Rally 2015. While we love seeing all the awesome and beautiful motorcycles, it is also exciting to see the artwork the riders carry on their skin.


From Harley Davidson Bar and Shields to custom skulls, it is always awesome to tattoo fresh work to be seen around the country! Swing by Oxygen Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio for all of your tattoo and piercing needs in Panama City and Panama City Beach!bikesbike2

Ride safe, Drive safe and Have loads of roaring fun!!


25 Apr 2015

“No Ragrets”……LOL




Too often we have customers come in and want words, quotes, sayings, names and even Biblical References. We can give you an awesome script and send you on your way, but we always want to check for errors before we tattoo you. Regardless we love you all.

We hope that you can spell and correctly punctuate the piece you are wanting to permanently place on your body. Though we will spell it to the best of OUR knowledge, we are not Microsoft Word or Google lol.

We ask that our clients know how to spell what they are wanting correctly or you might end up with a tragic mistake. misspelled

14 Apr 2015

Spring Break PCB 2015


Spring Break is a crazy time for everyone here in Panama City Beach, but at Oxygen Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio we see it all. The tattoos requested of us can range from ridiculously crazy to cute & adorable! We do it all! We’ve had quite a few random requested lip tattoos as well as butt tattoos. Read More

12 Apr 2015



Welcome to our new site. We are currently working out some kinks and will be adding more pictures as we go. Swing by and check out our daily happenings or you can check us out on Facebook as well by clicking the Facebook Icon at the top of any of our pages! welcome-sign1