Our customers have been kind enough to leave us reviews about our services, artists, and overall experience while here at Oxygen Tattoos. If you have been an Oxygen Zone customer, please take a moment and write a review. If you would like to post a more public review, you can also comment on one of the major search engines (ie. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). Thanks in advance for the comments and feedback!


  1. Leann says:

    I love my new ear piercing by Lawrence! A++

  2. Malorie says:

    I got my belly button pierced here YEARS ago and knew I wanted to come back for a tattoo. This was my first tattoo and Kevin was the artist and he was absolutely amazing! I would definitely recommend using him! He was very nice and made you feel comfortable and talked to me the duration of the tattoo which helped calm my nerves. I love my tattoo and it will forever remind me of my grandmother! Thank you Kevin, and Oxygen Tattoo!

  3. Ella Black says:

    My artist was Ryan. He was really friendly and made me feel at home in the shop. I got a galaxy whale done and he kept checking in while it was getting done! He was really sweet and he made me laugh quite a bit! The shop is clean and very chill.

  4. Lorin Bryan says:

    I'm happy with my tattoo and Jake was very nice, but some drunk guy that apparently works for them opened the curtain to look at me while I was exposed for a session. It made me feel very uncomfortable and I won't be returning.

  5. Matt says:

    Cue is the man to book or request! My wife and I both received top notch service from Cue and the Crew at Oxygen. We got exactly what we wanted and were very pleased. Highly recommend to anyone looking for fresh ink! We will go back!

  6. Felicia says:

    My daughter, my niece and I went to Oxygen to get piercings and we were all very nervous. Coffee was very courteous, nice and professional and he really made all of us feel very comfortable. I would definitely recommend Coffee to anyone in search of nose/belly piercings and they turned out soooo cute! I give Coffee 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  7. Adrina Rodriguez says:

    I went to the oxygen tattoo shop for my 18th birthday and got my second tattoo done which was a mushroom. I was really hoping it would come out good and my artist Adrian, did so good I’m in love with my tat! He was super chill and I loved his vibes and his tat booth was dope asf. I loved the atmosphere and if I ever go back I’m definitely gonna get him to do another tat on me. 🖤

  8. Most Dope Fam says:

    I got 2 tattoos done at oxygen. Im very pleased with the whole process an after results. 1 is with all color an my favorite tattoo I got. 2nd was bold line work which may seem easy but can be difficult. The artist Holly Woodnt did both tattoos an she knocked it out of the park! Such amazing personality an very Talented artist. Definitely will get some more art done by Holly! Thank you.

  9. Jamie Watson says:

    I am currently on vacation with my mother and grandmother. We are from Tennessee. I have always wanted to get a tattoo, but never got around to doing it before. Main reason was due to having an autoimmune disease and fear of infections. I figured it was finally time to just get one spur of the moment the evening before I leave. While being in Florida, I have a friend watching my oldest Australian shepherd. When I get back, I’ll have my second Australian shepherd who is 8 weeks old. I Wanted simple paw prints. Adrian was the artist who did my tattoo. He was very friendly with me and my mother and definitely helped me relax. It was a wonderful experience for my first tattoo and believe I will be getting more in the future 😊

  10. Bethany says:

    I got a simple tattoo there 2 weeks ago today. Just a small “k” on my ring finger. I did everything I was told to do like keep the little clear plastic thing over it for 5 days but it still turned out horrible! Most of it has faded and there are parts where the ink isn’t even there anymore. Very disappointed and totally not worth $100!

  11. Tania says:

    A lady tells my 10 year to shut the fuck up cant he see shes trying to do a tattoo my son is hard of hearing so he talks a little loud. But he asked why is it different than her listening to the radio?and she said he's lucky he's not 18 are she would punch him and she said good job on raising him he going to be a real winner..!! That is such great customer service I can't believe that someone would say that to a child. All I can say is that she is very lucky that I have Jesus in me now...

  12. Tania katherman says:

    Do Not Go there We just left there from getting my Daughters ears piercing and there was a lady doing a tattoo to someone she had music playing but told us to stop talking well my 10 year old was with me at the time and he has problems hearing so he talks a little loud and he said she has music playing what's the difference? As we were leaving the lady says if you where 18 I would punch you in the mouth great raising talking to me. Well wonder customer service. I hope you don't have children and if so I hope they don't ask you questions..

  13. Kim says:

    My husband and I both got some amazing tattoos done by Holly and Cynthia today. Both were very welcoming and professional. I wished we lived closer so we could get more tattoos done by them again.

  14. Raelyn says:

    Iam almost 9 and i when to get my ear piercit and did such a good job and they were nice you sould go there . Very good place 😉😊😇😀😃😄😁🙂☺️😋😏

  15. Rhonda Cole says:

    My tattoo turned out amazing! Thanks to Adrian! I love it and will be back for more!

  16. Holley Morris says:

    I got my tattoo yesterday with Jacob! He was awesome! My tattoo is beautiful and will forever remind me that I can get through anything! Terrific experience!!!

  17. Ashley says:

    I won’t lie, I was terrified to go get a piercing done, absolutely petrified. I have tattoos for days but something about the needle going deeper in triggers a phobia. COFFEE literally took the extra time to calm me down, and then pierced my nose. The pain was so minimal. If never felt so safe around someone doing any sort of body art on me. We are from Missouri and I’d make the drive back down here just to have him do my next piercing. He is amazing.

  18. Bethzaida Serrato says:

    I decided to get my helix piercing and I was a bit nervous. But coffee was extremely nice, patient, and funny. He made it an enjoyable experience for me!

  19. Brianna Shelton says:

    Coffee did my bellybutton and he did amazing. Very minimal pain and he was so nice!!

  20. Brynlee Trippett says:

    I definitely recommend Oxygen Tatooz! I got my helix pierced and Coffey was my piercing artist. He was very professional, clean, and hilarious.

  21. Katie says:

    Coffee did my Navel Piercing and made me feel great!! I felt so good about it and it wasn’t very painful!

  22. Edweinna Tyus says:

    Coffee was the bomb, professional, clean, and hilarious!!!!! If you are looking for piercings and a good laugh oxygen tattoo is the place!!!!

  23. Marie Hood says:

    Andrew S is an amazing artist. It did a portrait of my daughter’s loved fur baby, her cat Noelle on her back shoulder. It was so beautiful, perfect details all the way to the cats freckle on her nose. He has an eye for detail. Oxygen is a clean , friendly place. We will be back for more work with Andrew for sure.

  24. Ivy paonessa gay says:

    Artist Coffee. Was amazing he was nice kind and very funny highly recommended going to him he did my nipple rings and made me feel safe and made me laugh alot

  25. Tobie Ann Adair says:

    I loved my experience at Oxygen. The lady at the desk was so friendly. The facilities were clean. Waiting areas were pleasant and comfy. Cue did my tattoo. I walked in with an idea, he found something similar and drew out a custom tattoo. He was so patient with me and super friendly! I love my ink! I will tell everyone to go to Oxygen if they are in PCB and want new ink!

  26. Melissa Bledsoe says:

    My daughter and I were in PCB for vacation and have been wanting a matching palm tree for awhile now. Holly did an amazing job, we love our tattoos! When I go back to PCB I know who to stop and see to get my next tattoo - HOLLY!!!

  27. Jelisa Harbin says:

    I visited this shop while on vacation. I got two piercings in my nose done. Coffee serviced me and I must say his vibe was everything. He made me feel very comfortable. He was quick and very knowledgeable. I will definitely be going back. Thanks Coffee!!! Oh yea , before I forget. The receptionist was a pleasure as well! She answered every question I had and was also very informative about a cover up I was looking into. I highly recommend and would go back.

  28. Grace Rutherford says:

    Lawrence pierced my bellybutton and was absolutely amazing! No pain, was easy to talk to, all around a great piercer. Thanks Lawrence!

  29. Julia says:

    The service was amazing prices are great! Got my Belly button done fast and easy they made you feel very comfortable Mr Coffee did amazing!!!As the place was very clean.

  30. Cierra H. says:

    Recently got my nose pierced by Coffee and he was awesome!!! I highly recommend him!!!

  31. TM Mixson says:

    Holly was the artist that did the awesome work on my tattoo. The finished work is even better than the image on paper. She really is a professional in her craft.

  32. Jennifer T. says:

    Coffee was great! Got my nose pierced and barely felt it!! Highly recommended!

  33. Nadia Gamboa says:

    Cue did an amazing job! He gave me exactly what I wanted. His work is great and he also makes you feel Comfortable through the process. Thank you cue!

  34. Formeka says:

    I went to get my second piercing since 1st grade.. So I was quiet nervous but I ended up getting. Second ear piercing and a nose piercing.. STEVE-O WAS AWESOME.. very knowledgeable and educated in piercings and I had hardly no pain.. I will certainly return and suggest you do the same too..

  35. Eric Jackson says:

    I have walked in with a few designs that Adrian has done an amazing job with. All the lines are clean and very dark/visible. He did a great job with keeping my tattoos accurate to the designs I came in with. I have been extremely satisfied and will be coming back for future work.

  36. Melissa Watts says:

    I just got my nose pierced by Coffey. 1st I would like to say that aside from being an all around nice guy, he was absolutely clean with everything that he did. He made sure that I watched him open every thing. He made me feel really good about the cleanliness of his process and his area. I highly recommend Coffey to anyone that may be on the fence about getting a piercing. He made me feel completely at ease with the entire process.

  37. Wendy says:

    We went in for a belly piercing and Coffee was amazing! we highly recommend him and will be back for another piercing!!

  38. Emma Poplin says:

    I gotten my nose pierced here in June 2020 and I had a great experience everyone was so nice! And the atmosphere is very welcoming. Today in October I was trying to change out my nose piercing and my hole closed up. So I went down to oxygen and they said they will help me get my jewelry back in. A kind man named Coffee helped me. He was very nice and helpful he taught me how to put it back in with some numbing spray if it happens again. I recommend this place to anyone!!

  39. Casey England says:

    Adrian was absolutely amazing!! Love my tattoo and cannot wait to come back to PCB for another one!! Very professional, funny, and talented!!! Thank you so much!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. Donna Lunsford says:

    Coffey did my nose piercing and did very well I might add.... he is quite the jokester. Very reasonable and it did not hurt like I thought it would... thanks so much. Very pleased customer.

  41. Jaimi L Hollister says:

    Just had a daith piercing done by Coffee.... just a sweet guy, talked me through every things he was doing and showed everything sealed and clean. I would for sure recommend!!!

  42. Josh Deck says:

    We brought our daughter in last night for a piercing of her helix. James Coffey was very thorough in explaining the process and showed us all the sterile tools he would be using. He also explained how to properly clean and take care of her new piercing. We would highly recommend Oxygen Tattoos, especially James Coffey!

  43. Kaylee says:

    Since it was my 1st piercing I can say Coffee did a great job. I was so nervous.

  44. Heather Randolph says:

    Got a daith piercing while on an anniversary trip with my husband. Coffey did my piercing. He was very professional and knowledgeable. The whole process was very painless. I would totally recommend anyone to go see Coffey for any piercings while in PCB!! Would definitely do it again!! 🙂

  45. Adrienne says:

    I came into the studio last week and had my nose pierced by Coffee. He did an AMAZING job! I would almost say it didn’t hurt. There was a slight feeling of it happening but no big deal. I am so pleased that I went to Oxygen! Also a very nice clean environment.

  46. Lily Rivera says:

    Coffey was great! I got my nose pierced and was a little nervous because with hate needles! He did an amazing job for walking me though what he was going to do. He was very sterile and clean! It barley hurt and looks amazing. Defiantly would recommend!

  47. Kaylee beverage says:

    Coffee did an amazing job. He was funny and made the process so much better. I would Definitely let him pierce me again

  48. Kailee says:

    I went and got my bellybutton pierced today and my experience was awesome .... I mean aside from the whole needle part hahaha . Coffee was the artist who did my piercing and he made my experience 10 times better !! I’m terrified of needles and he made me feel comfortable and relaxed !! Painful but super quick !! I heard about this place from so many of my friends and it definitely lived up to the hype ! 10 out of 10 recommend and if you get the chance to , request Coffee to pierce you up , he is AWESOME !!

  49. Carlie says:

    Today I got my first tattoo and I could not be happier with my decision about going to Oxygen Tattoos. My artist was Adrian and he did a FABULOUS job. Adrian did a cross with a quote “God has a plan and I am going with it. -Whit” on my left shoulder blade. I lost my cousin Whitney to a car accident 4 years ago and this devastated my whole family. Before Whitney lost her life she had taken a selfie and posted the quote above on the picture. I can honestly i would recommend Adrian and Oxygen Tattoo to anyone that is visiting PCB or lives here. Thank you Adrian for an amazing job done.

  50. James Saunders says:

    My wife and I were on vacation and we decided to take a last-minute drive to Panama City Beach. I'd been wanting another tattoo for some time. We stopped by just to see if it would be feasible with no appointment. This establishment is clean, professional, friendly, and customer-focused. Cue was my artist. He is amazing!! He got me in right away and made me feel relaxed and at ease. I absolutely love the finished tattoo! I HIGHLY recommend Oxygen Tattoo...I know I'll be getting more ink there as soon as possible.

  51. Brenda says:

    My husband and I were on vacation and stopped by for tattoo's, we each had two pieces done. We are extremely happy with the first 2 we had done, however the second two have faded out and look awful and it's only been 2 months since having them done. They are on our fingers, we were advised that it's a difficult spot to tattoo, but I know people who had them there for years, 20 or more years. We really loved the place, people and the work done, just wanted to make it aware what we've experienced.

  52. SUSAN ELSEA says:

    I wanted a T put above my right ankle they gave me the tattoo artist David - Murder at first frustrated him with me wanting it to be Tennessee orange but after he was finished my T was awesome and so was he. Thanks David-Murder for a fantastic tattoo and if I come back next year you can't call in sick. Lol because I'm going to ask for you .

  53. chloe says:

    Echo did a great job on my tattoo. it turned out really good, and he talked me through it when i was nervous. it was very clean and organized. i will definitely be coming back the next time i am in panama

  54. Karah skeens says:

    I got my nose pierced and Heathan had a good attitude about how scared I was. The building was really clean and organized. They had very good attitudes. I would definitely recommend and I would come back for a tattoo!

  55. Jimmy Watson says:

    My daughter turned 18 Years Old & My wife & I wanted to give something to our daughter that she would truly remember. So while on Vacation we thought we would try Oxygen Tattoo in Panama City Beach at 10900 Front Beach Road. Our Artist was a guy named Drew. He was Professional, Funny & Very Patient with my daughter who was getting her 1st Tattoo. Facility was Very Clean & Organized. We Highly Recommend Oxygen Tattoo....Especially Drew!

  56. Abigail Branscum says:

    I received my first tattoo at this shop and I can say I definitely felt comfortable there. My artists name was David, I was told he was very serious and didn’t talk much, I was told right but it didn’t bother me at all, he was amazing and he knows what he is doing. I really enjoyed my experience here and would definitely go back.

  57. Trudy Cobb says:

    This was a clean and great shop.. my tattoo turned out awesome ...

  58. Dylan says:

    Cue did my first tattoo today and he did awesome. He did what I wanted to an exact precision in a very resonable amount of time. Everyone at the shop was cool and very helpful.

  59. Malisa says:

    Got my nose pierced. Lawrence was terrific. It was over before I knew it. He was the coolest and sweetest. He made me feel so at ease. I am definitely going back for another piercing and a tatoo. love this place. The other staff were great as well. I'm bringing my daughter to get her nose done by him as well. The best piercer!!!! This is the place to go!!!

  60. HE Burns says:

    My artist was very informative on the after care. Also everyone was very attentive and courteous throughout the procedure. Was told it would take about an hour and was done in !see than 40 min. Very pleased with outcome and would recommend them to anyone for a tattoo. Only wish they had a store in my home area great job Cue wish I had came in earlier and gotten my other on covered. (Excuse to come back to PCB soon)

  61. Sherrie Frailey says:

    Wow! I got my first tattoo today from The moment I walked in the door to setting down to get the tattoo was great . Friendly helpful staff . Cue was amazing. I had a pic of a dolphin but he had much better plans. He explained everything and then got started . He drew my tattoo on and it was way better then I ever imagined and the color was great. Thanks again and I will be back one day!

  62. Sherrie Frailey says:

    I got my first tattoo ever today. I wanted a dolphin and let me just say I was so pleased. Cue freehanded drew a pic and then detailed it better then I could of ever imagined. He made me at ease and I would recommend him to anyone and one day I will get another and it will be here. Thanks everyone for the friendly service and for Cue going above and beyond.

  63. Cam says:

    10/10 would recommend, Lawrence was very friendly and nose piercing was completely painless.

  64. Teri says:

    My sister and I got matching sisters tattoos on our leg and we are going to get another one next year when we go again. Steve O is the BEST

  65. jeff elwell says:

    I was hesitant but niki was awesome and I love my tiger

  66. Tony Ellis says:

    We have been coming to PCB for approximately 10 years now and have gotten several tattoos from Oxygen... 11 within our family and at least 4 others for friends. It's actually become a tradition in our family to get our tattoos there! We've all been very satisfied with their professionalism and artistic abilities! We're here now and are all already pumped for our visit! See you soon Oxygen! We know you won't let us down!

  67. Delaney says:

    Me and my friends got are cartilages peirced. This place was great. The people were friendly and informational. It was a very nice, clean, bright atmosphere. Lawrence did our peircings and he was cool as a cucumber. 10/10, would recommend.

  68. Caysi says:

    Brian did an AMAZING job on my tattoo and he has the best personality. Overall, GREAT atmosphere, very clean and it's done to your satisfaction. Will DEFINITELY be back here for more ink!

  69. Courtney says:

    I got my tattoo here yesterday and I'm very pleased with it very nice group of guys awesome attitude gentle hand very clean and inviting atmosphere thank you Steve-O😀😀 i will be back

  70. Chevy says:

    I just want to thank Cue for doing my tat, I am going to enjoy both of them. I’ll be back from Indiana to get more later in the year!

  71. Joe Gregory says:

    I was very impressed with Nicky! I had a very bad scar from surgery and she was incredible I was very impressed with her work! And have a few tattoos that may be offensive to some . There was no judgement from her just a very hard working artist who did an incredible job I will be back

  72. Ross Biddle says:

    Ok so I wanted a tattoo of the Hayabusa symbol but not really sure how or went in to Oxygen tattoos and the artist known as Cue..says show me a pic of your bike and the symbol...also asks do you like skulls? I said I suppose..he says call me in an hour I will have something drawn up! Hour passes we go back and he shows me the drawing...I liked we started on tat! When finished I was like Hell yeah I like skulls.. especially ones that resemble my bike!! Thanks Cue!! Awesome job!! Recommend highly! Wish I could post pic!! Thanks again guys!!

  73. Deborah Allen Domenech says:

    Steve O is amazing! I've wanted a tattoo for years in memory of my sister and Steve O created exactly the vision I had in my mind. I will definitely go back!

  74. Chryssi Winter says:


  75. Lori Alsdurf Alleman says:

    I’ve been wanting this piercing for several months now. I drove to a local place in Louisiana but turned around being scared. I then decided I’d get it one day.. something will just come to me. Low and behold I drove past this place and decided to check it out. Lawrence had such GREAT reviews I had no hesitation to go in. The reviews were accurate!!! The staff was nice, place is clean, I learned a lot about aftercare, you think you know.. nope. I had a lesson. Lawrence really is the BEST IN THE WORLD!!!! Highly recommended!!!

  76. Vickie Lee Durden says:

    I'm honestly not sure why there are even negative reviews from my visit. I had a tattoo that I wanted to fix, and Cindy was amazing! My fiance also got a tattoo, by Rob, and they were both very good at what they do as well as providing good customer service! We will both be back again!!

  77. DeKoven Nicole Taylor says:

    They were very professional and very clean. We came from out of state, and they made us feel right at home!

  78. Lentashia Mackall says:

    Went tonight to get a piercing, and the place was nice and clean, and the guy who pierced me was wonderful, and made me feel very comfortable!

  79. Amanda Leslie says:

    Lawrence was awesome!! Took my daughter here to get her belly button pierced and he did an amazing job!! He was very professional and was great at calming my daughter down. She said it didn't hurt and didnt even know it was done until he had already pierced it!! He was so quick and we were so impressed!! Would totally recommend to anyone getting a piercing!! Went here many years ago and came back for my daughter this time!! Will definitely come back again!! Thanks Lawrence you are AMAZING!!

  80. Laurel Finch says:

    I'm a minor and I went to go get a navel piercing at Oxygen Tattoo and Body Piercings. They staff was very informative and very fun. The man named, "Lawrence" did it when I didn't even know and I'm more than happy to say he did a wonderful job and it was painless! I highly recommend Lawrence for piercings. The cost was not bad at all either! I guess you can say you guys made my Christmas wonderful! Best one yet 🙂

  81. Robyn Dove says:

    This place is incredibly professional. I had a problem arise and they took care of it right away and made my tat look awesome at the same time! My gratitude goes out to Cue for picking this up for me and making things perfect!

  82. Beverly Hurst says:

    I love this place! They are professionals and the only place I trust! I will be returning next Summer!

  83. Bree-Bree Clark says:


  84. Nan Jeff Donohoo says:

    Last day of vacation and husband said yes after years of asking to get a word on my wrist. I walked in and the first gentalman to the right spoke to me and was very friendly. I believe his name is Gordy I found out. He is in some of these pics wearing a hat. Any way, he was very helpful in telling what would and wouldn't like right. Looks through several don't styles for my word Blessed. And worked with me on the size. Made my nerves calmed down real fast. I watched as he gotnallnthe equipment, tools and supplies ready. No germs are happening there. Was very nice and answered my ?? About his history. Very clean and welcoming place. I love my Blessed tattoo and would go back again. Thanks Oxygen Tattoo for taking such great care of me.

  85. Pativa Brice Coleman says:

    I went yesterday and had a coverup done in the same sitting by Cue. He did a freehand sketch of an African Tribal Elephant for me, and it turned out better than I could've imagine. He even added my favorite color purple in for me. I'm willing to fly from Alaska just so he can do my next tattoo.

  86. Brandi Wittmier says:

    This place was amazing! This is the third tattoo I’ve gotten in my life, it’s still not quite done-it should be in December-but Miss Cindy and the staff were more than willing to work with what my budget could afford. It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to finish my tattoo at this wonderful place. 10/30 1142p

  87. Dylan Turner says:

    Really good customer service. Very clean and quick. So far my tattoo is healing great and looks fantastic! A bit pricey but that’s the beach tax I guess

  88. Tosha Arthur Soltwedel says:


  89. Raven Atchison says:

    I went to Oxygen for my first tattoo and had such a great experience that I went back for my second (and third, as I had two done in one sitting). Once again, did not disappoint! The staff and manager were so friendly while I filled out paperwork. Even when an influx of customers came in, they still managed to speak to everyone, keep me updated on my wait time (which was not terribly long at all), and kept their positive attitude. I had David as an artist and he was wonderful! He was nice, receptive to questions, and I could tell he was serious about his work. I was nervous for the pain level that might be expected, but his calm attitude helped with the process. I'd definitely recommend Oxygen.

  90. Melissa Simmons says:


  91. Amber DeMarie says:

    Awesome experience! My friends and I went here on vacation to get various piercings. It started with excellent service from the lady at the counter who was polite and knowledgeable. We all then got our piercings done by Stevo who did an amazing job! It was clear he knew what he was doing. Highly recommend!

  92. Chelena Dewitt says:


  93. Bobbie Myers says:

    Love this place. She did an excellent job on my tattoo very clean

  94. Keith Allen says:

    I had a tattoo covered up and my 3 sons names added. My artist was Que, he offered a great suggestion to cover the old tattoo. He was very professional and did a Wonderful job.

  95. Joyce McMonigal says:

    Matt is awesome!! I just loved him and he did an amazing job. Although my endorphins never did kick in, he was very tolerant and we had a good time. I love my ink.. now back to North Dakota where I won't get to show it off under my boots!! I will be back better hang around!

  96. Anna Hanson says:


  97. Lauren Blair-Molnar says:


  98. Keith Hicks-Crisafulli says:

    Gordy is awesome. Listened to exactly what I wanted... took the time to make it perfect. Calm personality and a smooth technique. Already contracted to my sleeve. Mega

  99. Joey Allen says:

    We love Lawrence! He is the best, every time we visit Florida we always have to go in and get him to do something for his! He is not only a great piercer but he also makes you feel comfortable and that your in good hands here!!! Such a great place when you go in ask for Lawrence he is the absolute best!!! Also the staff is very sweet! I don't go anywhere else but here!!! 9/7 1102p

  100. alexa johnson* says:

    MIGRAINES!!!!!!! I have had severe migraines for YEARS! Do you hear me??? Hospitalized, vomiting....the whole works!! I have had these on a weekly basis !! I came in back in May '17 to get a daith piercing from STEVE-O. One of my co-workers came in January for the same thing from STEVE-O and had been migraine free. It has now been 2 months and I am headache free! Do you hear me? MIGRAINE FREE!!! He knew exactly where to place the piercing with explaination of why that certain location. I send him my praises and would recommend anyone with my kind of problem to go see him. Shop is clean and cool atmosphere. ?

  101. Angela Turner says:

    I came in to get a daith piercing changed out that I had gotten done back home in Alabama. Lawrence advised me it needed to come out, I knew it was too shallow, and was migrating out..I got the piercings because of daily headaches so I really didn't want to remove them....he told me about the tragus piercing that might also help my headaches. I decided to come back the next day and let him take it out and go ahead and pierce the tragus. I didn't even realize when he done it, I thought he was just getting ready. Didn't hurt at all. He was super nice. I plan on going back after my daith heals and having him pierce it correctly. I would defiantly reccomend him!!

  102. Veronica  says:

    I went in to get my nipples pierced today. My piercer was Lawrence and he was amazing! He made me feel comfortable and the process was fast! Everyone there was friendly and professional.

  103. Tatum says:

    My mom and I went to Oxygen to get my nose pierced. We had Lawrence. He was super nice and made me feel really comfortable during the piercing. The environment was clean and professional. Definitely recommend Oxygen.

  104. Jordan Hayes says:

    Lawrence was awesome! Got my belly button pierced it was over quick and not painful. I would definitely recommend him for any piercings!

  105. Ron says:

    Scoped out shops before going down for our anniversary vacation, found the shop very nice. The day shift guy did not seem to know the tattoo bizz very well, recommend going in and figuring out what you want and where and making an appointment for the night shift, that starts at 5 pm, gets pretty busy. Matt did mine, very happy with the way my girl and I were treated. staff is very knowledgeable and professional and the work is top notch. we will return for more work when we come back to the area 5 stars out of 5. Thanks guys.

  106. Connie McFaddden says:

    My husband and I were in Santa Rosa Beach on our Anniversary Vacation and had scoped out shops online before leaving home. Planned to go to PCB for a day. The entire shop staff was great! I had David tat a nice Butterfly Fairy w/mushrooms and 2 additional butterflies. He's a great artist and very efficient. He gave good suggestions for placement and some color choices. Would definitely recommend him and will be going back for more on our next vacation! Thanks David!!!

  107. Brooke Fortune says:

    I had my navel pierced this past weekend and this place was great. Very clean, professional and everyone was super nice!! Lawrence did mine and he's awesome! Would definitely go back! Thanks Guys!!!

  108. Jennifer Trott says:

    I came in for a tragus piercing to help with my headaches (plus it looks super cool). I was immediately impressed with how clean and neat the shop appeared. Lawrence did the piercing. I was super nervous and he was so nice and treated me like we were good friends. It was not too painful. I have followed the directions and had absolutely no trouble with the piercing since I got it. I highly, HIGHLY recommend Oxygen for tattoos and piercings.

  109. Desiree' Reed says:

    Lawrence was really sweet and we had the best conversation. He made me feel so welcomed and I cannot thank him enough for that. I would recommend him to anyone wanting a piercing.

  110. Karen Coe says:

    The staff is very friendly, the establishment is clean and organized and our tattoo artist was knowledgeable and did a great job. I would not hesitate to go here again

  111. Suzanne Johnston Hakeos says:

    Tattoo Gordy is the best tattoo artist I have had the pleasure to meet. He fixed one of my older tattoo's with beautiful line work and color. He also did new tattoo's for my daughter and myself. After 4 previous tattoo's I knew what I was in for, but I only felt mild discomfort and even the day after I keep forgetting I have two fresh tattoos. His has a light touch. My daughter and I will now make sure any future tattoo's are done by him, and flying from Ohio to Florida is a small price to pay for perfection. Cannot thank him enough for the amazing artwork.

  112. Chris Davis says:

    Super amazing staff, really helpful, customer service was their priority. If you are in Panama City beach, stop in and let Gordy hook you up.

  113. MikeandDee Dow says:

    Clean facility, staff is friendly and very helpful!

  114. Chris Maxwell says:

    Not intimidating, not a weird environment, great place for your first tattoo and your last . The piercing guy is very proffesional . Spend your money here.

  115. Jamie Rasch says:

    Super friendly, professional, all around great experience!

  116. Autumn Young says:

    We wanted some simple tattoos to celebrate getting married! Met David, and he crushed some lettering on our hands! Even my crypt keeper hand, lol! He was super nice and has an awesome sense of humor! Coming back to see him!!!!!

  117. Sierra Marie says:

    Lawrence did amazing on my belly button!!�� I will be back soon

  118. Cown Wright says:

    Moved here about 3 years ago from down south and went into oxygen looking for a shop to replace my old one in Fort Lauderdale, I told the very helpful staff what I was looking for and was pointed in the direction of Mr. Cue. Cue took my idea and turned into more than I ever could have imagined, I will be returning to Cue for much more work that is already in the thought processes! Absolutely great, clean and very friendly shop, made me feel at home!

  119. Yushica Padgett says:

    I absolutely love my tattoo! The staff here are courteous and honest; they won't railroad you and I found that refreshing. Rob was my artist and he was very professional. To say he's a wonderful tattoo artist is a mere understatement. The attention and detail he gave to his work was outstanding and I couldn't have asked for more. You are in very good and capable hands with him as your artist. This is an awesome spot!

  120. Susan Morrison Dagg says:

    TC did a great job with our tattoos that was a cancer awareness ribbon for our mom who lost her battle to breast cancer in 1992. Thank you! Also, Steve-o was very professional and great with my daughter getting her nose pierced. Great place all around!

  121. Erin Morrison-Dagg says:

    Thank you TC for giving my sister and I matching cancer awareness tattoos. You have no idea how much they mean to us! She is a 3 time survivor and my hero! Thanks again. I will definitely recommend this shop and TC. Wonderful experience!

  122. Samuel Will Stewart says:

    They was friendly and they did a great job on my tattoo las nght

  123. Danielle Howard Carson says:

    Beautiful work excellent staff. The best tattoo I have ever had. And they did an excellent job covering up an exciting tattoo. Would def recommend them.

  124. Kimberly Clough says:

    I got a tattoo at Oxygen yesturday. The staff was very pleasant and Holly was excellent that did my tattoo. I will be returning soon and will see Holly once again. Thank you

  125. Ashley Knight says:

    Me and My boyfriend both got tattoos done by Cynthia Aspedon and she did an amazing job, she was very nice and i cant wait to come back and get more tattoos from her ( i highly recommend that everyone should go to her)

  126. Ericka  says:

    I had an extremely pleasant experience. Damien took very good care of me, he was excellent actually. I went in to get both my tragus' pierced - I had been a while since I ate and ended up passing out after the first piercing. Totally my fault. He was cool about everything, we talked with the manager, I believe his name was Jason and agreed that I would return in the morning after a big breakfast and plenty of rest, which I did. I asked if it were okay to do my nipples instead of my tragus' because I wasn't comfortable attempting it again. Damien was very understanding and accommodating after the okay from the manager we went ahead with the nipple piercings. I am very happy with the piercings and beyond pleased with the service. It was an awesome feeling to be taken so well care of by the staff. My next tattoo and piercing will definitely be here. Thank you so much!

  127. Christine Nusbaum says:

    The staff are super friendly and helpful, guide you through everything so you know what's going on. The store is clean and well-kept, the artists maintain very neat work spaces. Prices are really affordable, even more more complex pieces. I came here for my second tattoo and am extremely satisfied, it came out far better than I was expecting. Holly did a fantastic job. If you want a great, well-priced, sanitary tattoo, this is the place to go.

  128. Ericka Terralyn says:

    I was pierced by Damien - he was AMAZING. I went in to get both my tragus' pierced - I had been a while since I ate and ended up passing out after the first piercing. Totally my fault. He was totally cool about everything, we talked with the manager and agreed that I would return in the morning after a big breakfast and plenty of rest, which I did. I asked if it were okay to do my nipples instead of my tragus' because I wasn't comfortable attempting it again. Same piercing gentleman was very understanding and accommodating after the okay from the manager we went ahead with the nipple piercings. I am very happy with the piercings and beyond pleased with the service. It was an awesome feeling to be taken so well care of by the staff. My next tattoo and piercing will definitely be here. Thank you so much! Oxygen Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio

  129. tami dadow says:

    Love this place. Everyone is so helpful. Gordy has done two of my tattoos and I know I will be a return customer for years to come. Business is very clean and tidy.

  130. Nicci Graves says:

    First tattoo! Cue took great care of us. Professional, clean, patient. He made sure it was exactly what I wanted and it far exceeded my expectations!

  131. Harold Brandenburg says:

    Everyone there was super nice and helpful!! My wife and mother in law got the daith piercing last week and we talk to them about tattoos. Jason was really nice about everything answered all our questions. Rob did our tattoos and gave my daughter her first one. He was nice and joking with her so she wasn't so nervous. I would recommend oxygen tattoo to anyone and will be back on our next vacation!!!

  132. Janine Kentala says:

    I am a older woman who has wanted to do this for a long time. Lawrence was wonderful had questions about meds answerd all my questions. Didn't even even realized he did it. Prefect wish he lived in Indiana!

  133. Michele says:

    I took my daughter to have her nose pierced . Laurence was awesome. Neat, clean, quick. Great sence of humor. Very clear on after care instructions. Wish he had a clone who lived near us.

  134. Megan Bennett says:

    My husband and I came in on vacation to get couples tattoos, we had Holly and she was awesome! She was super friendly and did a great job on our ink! If I'm back in PCB I'll definitely be going back and asking for her! Everything seemed super clean, definitely a good experience!

  135. Danielle Crowder says:

    Went in March 24 for nipple piercings as a birthday gift. I was actually really scared since I'd heard from others how painful it was gonna be. Damien made me way less nervous about the whole thing. He explained everything down to what was gonna happen afterwards. I'm not gonna lie it hurts but not bad. Downfall of it though is the studs that are used are to short and hard to clean. I've got no room to move them back and forth as I was told. Went in 2 days later to get them checked since we were leaving P.C. that day and was told everything looks good. The swelling is gone but I'm still having issues with them but don't want to take a chance on changing them since they're still healing.

  136. Chip Phillips says:

    My daughter got her bellybutton pierced there. They were extremely nice and she was very nervous. They make it as easy on her as possible. She actually passed out as we were walking out the door. The guy made sure she was completely fine and stayed with her until she was better! Recommend this place to everyone!

  137. Donna Hennen Wickham says:

    My husband and i both got tattoo's from Cue. he did an amazing job on my coloring and was very gentle since mine was on my chest. My husband got letttering down his arms and those look awesome. We had been in and spoke with a few artist and they were all very informative. If were ever back in PCBEACH. Will be stopping for another.

  138. Chris Dilfield says:

    Me and my wife started a thing where we get tattoos every year on our anniversary. This year we just happened to be in PCB. Went to Oxygen and had Gordy do some work. Love the work. Great atmosphere and reasonably priced also. Would recommend these guys to anybody. Thanks for the great work Gordy!!!

  139. Morgan Hall says:

    My best friend and I came in while on vacation and decided to get our very first tattoos. The price was reasonable for the area. I would definitely come back if I was ever in the area.

  140. Britt 'rugger' Velasquez says:

    Holly was awesome! Her art was great and smooth. Great atmosphere and friendly staff! I would highly recommend Oxygen!!

  141. Meguydeline Dessources says:

    My boyfriend, my brother, my brother's girlfriend and I all got inked at the same time. (I got 2). We were in and out in less than an hour and a half. Artists were personable and funny. Great pricing. Wouldn't mind driving the 5 hours just for the experience! Keep up the great work guys! ��

  142. Ashlee Saalfeld says:

    I have been to this tattoo shop twice and both times I left extremely pleased. First tattoo was a watercolor butterfly done by Sniper as a memorial piece, she was fantastic and when she was finished the piece brought so much happiness to my heart. My recent visit this past Saturday I was so lucky to see that Cue was available (An artist who I had been hoping to get) he took a piece that represented my 15 month battle with my health and turned it into a representation of my strength and the battle I overcame as I continue to recover. I was overwhelmed with pride as it brought tears to me eyes. Thank you Cue for giving me a piece I can love and remind me of who I am because of where I have been. You are the best!

  143. Rachael Bishop says:

    My husband and I both got tattoos, mine was a cover up/fix of an awful previous tat I had... my tattoo turned out gorgeous!! I am so in love!! My husband got a new tattoo on his ribs, which turned out awesome!! Thanks to Nikki and Gordy for awesome tats!! We will definitely be back for more work!! Super friendly staff!! Reasonable prices!! Relaxed atmosphere!!

  144. Brenda Kendrat says:

    Very clean! Staff is sarcastic but funny. Loved the small wing tattoo David did for my friend and I. I would definitely recommend this place.

  145. Cheryn Vigil says:

    Thank you Lindsey and Lawrence for the piercing today

  146. KR says:

    I went in and within ten minutes was in the chair getting my navel pierced. Very helpful staff, clean environment and very friendly. The man who pierced me did a very good job of calming my nerves and creating conversation! Extremely great place and would reccomend!!! So happy I went here.

  147. Tesia Vanzant says:

    This is our second time to PCB and we decided this time to get piercings and tattoos! We chose Oxygen and the customer service was amazing, the artwork is amazing, and the piercings are great! We will for sure be back! Thank you all for the great work!

  148. Kathy Y says:

    LAWRENCE is the best piercer in the World. He AMAZING.. I was very nervious about my daith piercing but he was very calming and was not bad all all. Had a very bad headache when I came in but as soon as it was pieced it completely stopped. I LOVE THIS NAN.....THANK YOU LAWRENCE FROM YOUR #1 FAN

  149. kath says:

    Lawrence is the best piercer in the world...was very nervious about the daith piercing and he was very calming and didnt hurt at all. I love this man he is so freakin AWESOME...thank you Lawrence from your #1 fan.

  150. Brittany Nicole Williams says:

    Awesome service and Que is the shit he did this huge lion tattoo for me and it turned out better than I expected!

  151. Paula Maxwell  says:

    Lawrence made me feel very at ease and he is very friendly and knowledgeable. Will definitely recommend him. Thanks

  152. Paula Maxwell  says:

    Lawrence made me feel very at ease and he is very friendly and knowledgeable. Will definitely recommend him. Thanks

  153. Ivana Piriova Lane says:

    Mom got her nose pierced. We loved the staff . Pretty laid back and mom said pain free :)) we'll be back for some ink !

  154. Ashley Thomson says:

    I don't know who did mine, but and friend and I went to get small tattoos while on Spring Break and we love them! The guys and girl, were some of the nicest and most inviting people I've met. Thank you for giving me something I love!

  155. Pamela Layman Mason says:

    Great experience. Staff was very precessional. The artist did a fantastic job. Definitely recommend them to do your art work. See ya next year ?

  156. Todd Day says:

    Make sure to ask for Gordon. One of the best I've ever seen! His artistic expertise makes the experience even better. This gentleman definitely knows what he's doing. Super friendly and professional!!

  157. Vonetta Moore says:

    From the time I walked through the door the staff was very helpful. This was my first tattoo and I wanted two tattoos incorporated into one. Nicky(sp) was my Artist and she did an awesome job on sketching out my tattoo and Inking me. I am very satisfied with my tattoo and will definitely be back. I would highly recommend Oxygen Tattoo to anyone.

  158. Dana says:

    Lawrence is amazing!!! He pierced my nose a couple of years ago & my Daughter's belly this year!!! Lance made us very relaxed & comfortable!!! He is very professional!!! I highly recommend him to anyone thinking about getting a piercing!!!

  159. Chad Spurlin says:

    Was in Panama for a week on vacation and decided it would be fun to get matching tattoos with my wife, brother, and sister in law.. They got all four of us in with no appointment, and everyone was very professional.. I could see me returning if ever in the area again

  160. Brittany Knight Hines says:

    Awesome experience! Educated staff, comfortable environment, quick service.

  161. Lisa Cook says:

    Ok, at first I thought the price would be outrageous because they are On the beach, however they were very reasonable Cindy done my tattoo, I was very nervous because it was my first tattoo is SWEET! Cindy did an awesome job she was easy on me, very friendly I couldn't be happier, everyone I met while I was there was very friendly and professional..Thanks again

  162. Aeriel Wilson says:

    Cleanest shop I've ever seen. Went to get my daith pierced. Piercer was funny and caring. Almost passed out in the chair but he made sure I was okay before I left. 10/10 would recommend to a friend

  163. Tinko Martinko says:

    I was absolutely impressed and very happy with the entire piercing process and result. May have been Lil more expensive but as aforementioned the result of my industrial is exquisite. I'll definitely be back to see Steve and the great folks at oxygen

  164. Joanne Tucker says:

    Great place! Very professional and clean. Listened to what I wanted but at the same time made educated suggestions to make sure I got the best possible result and I did! I am 100% satisfied with my tattoo and would recommend Oxygen to anyone. My husband also got a tattoo and had an amazing experience. Thank you so much and we will be back when we are ready for our next ones!

  165. Christy says:

    Daith done today. Little pain over quick. No headache since. Steve O was awesome. Highly recommend!

  166. Samantha Phillips says:

    Leroy did my tattoo this time he did an excellent job

  167. Jerry says:

    I just got my first tatoo today and I am so happy I can not believe it. They were so friendly and helpful. Cue did my tatoo and he is so totally awesome. I described what I wanted and he got inside my vision and put it on my leg. Almost started crying when I seen the drawing on my leg in the mirror. He is truely a great artist and very professional. I am afraid this is not going to be the last one Cue does for me. I recommend Oxygen Tatoo and ask for Cue he is my artist now. Thanks a million Cue.

  168. Name*Jerry says:

    CommentI just got my first tatoo today and I am so happy I can not believe it. They were so friendly and helpful. Cue did my tatoo and he is so totally awesome. I described what I wanted and he got inside my vision and put it on my leg. Almost started crying when I seen the drawing on my leg in the mirror. He is truely a great artist and very professional. I am afraid this is not going to be the last one Cue does for me. I recommend Oxygen Tatoo and ask for Cue he is my artist now. Thanks a million Cue.

  169. Tammy Johnson says:

    We came to PCB for a basketball tournament week after Christmas, for years I had lived with a tattoo that I had done in my early 20's.. I had been searching forever for the perfect cover up, we went into Oxygen just to check things out. I spoke with Rob first and he was tied up with an appointment then spoke with Chad he was up front and honest.. wasn't gonna be easy to cover, spoke with Rob again he said he would draw up something send it via text.. I didn't get anything ... he had gotten down in his went back spoke with Cindy showed her what I had in mind... she said let me work on it tonight and I will come in in the morning and do it... I'm so overwhelmed with her is awesome... the detail... the perfection...the pleasure of her sweetness... but most of all the cover of a really bad tattoo...thank you Cindy.. I'm in love with it.. 4 1/2 hours in your chair... what I got was amazing...hand up it's my best tattoo...

  170. Debra Saatkamp says:

    Comment Love my tattoo, Rob was the best!!!!!!

  171. Name* Joe D says:

    Comment Great job by Cue.

  172. Lisha says:

    My visit for my new piercings was very professional & in a very comfortable atmosphere. I received a locals discount which is always a plus. Being a platelet donor I'm very careful on where I get my tattoos & piercings done. My experience was "painless" and will be back again for future work. Thank you 🙂

  173. Bailey Pearce says:

    Steve-O is GREAT! He gave me a tattoo about 4 months ago and everyone thinks it's fake because of how good and neat the script looks. I love it and I'll definitely be back!

  174. Name* Joe D says:

    Comment Very clean. Very professional and Rob did a great job on my tattoo!

  175. TJ says:

    Ask for Cindy she's super great!

  176. TJ Andrews says:

    Best place ever to get inked!!!! Will definitely come back!!

  177. Bren says:

    I am from Tennessee and came down for a vacation. Went in for an eyebrow piercing, was virtually painless, and was in and out quickly. Their business was a clean and open space with awesome display items. The staff was super nice and would visit them again on my next visit!!! Would definitely recommend to everyone. A+

  178. Jamie Reynosa  says:

    Thank you Cindy, I absolutely love my new butterfly you did an awesome job. When I left the salon it was not even red around the new ink. Very impressed. Still not red and is healing well.

  179. Name*kyle w says:

    The atmosphere was nice clean place the people were cool. As far as the tattoo itself goes I'm not very impressed. Steve-O did my tattoo and my wife's tattoo. My tattoo is roughly the size of a half-dollar coin. He rush through it. It took him maybe 10 minutes to do the tattoo there isn't a straight line in it three of the lines don't connect it's very lopsided and he left an incomplete line I just wish I would have been able to see these things before covered it up. I regret spendingthe $115

  180. Carrie Batchelor  says:

    I just got a little tattoo, very small; these people are awesome though! Steev-O did mine, he was very funny and entertaining. Great attitudes and very outgoing. Loved the environment !!!

  181. Carrie Batchelor  says:

    I just got a little tattoo, very small; these people are awesome though! Great attitudes and very outgoing. Loved the environment !!!

  182. Crystal Taylor says:

    Came in on vaca from Kentucky.. To be tatted by a fella that's from KY about 50miles up ftom my location. Ironic right. 🙂 but didn't catch his name.. very cute and professional tho. Js Very busy wait time was still decent.... clean parlor, friendly guys... Def.

  183. wolfe hill says:

    I had my belly button pierced heat a few days ago and first I want to say that I will be coming back to get my tattoos wen I'm 18 this place is so awesome and I don't reeder the mans name who did my piercing but he had this cool ass prosthetic leg and he was awesome I swear it only took him 30sec 1min at the most to do it I thought it would be a lot longer but their fast professional and really nice thx guys

  184. Laura & Chris Heatley says:

    My husband and I recently got a tattoo at Oxygen Ink. Cindy & Cue did an absolute AMAZING job on both of our tattoos. Both of them were very professional and friendly and really made us feel welcome! We will be going back to them for tattoos in the future. In my book Oxygen Ink and both Cindy & Cue is 5 stars!!!! Awesome place!!!

  185. Adam says:

    Got my first tattoo from Chad and couldn't be happier. He nailed it! Great job and awesome customer service.

  186. Corey Barker says:

    Just wanted to say thank you and great job to Chad. Love the tattoos

  187. Chad Fleming says:

    I got my first tattoo last night from Ben and I couldn't be happier. He went above and beyond and really knocked it out of the park. I'll be back to get more work done the next time we are in town!

  188. Jessie  says:

    Leroy did absolutely amazing and exactly what I wanted. The people are amazing friendly. If I did live 8hrs away if have a new shop. If your ever around town I highly suggest these guys. Me and my boyfriend are leave with brand new amazing tattoos! Thanks Leroy!!!

  189. Monae Loving Sentell says:

    I love my new piercing! I didn't have to wait that long and it was quick and easy. We were traveling from Georgia. 7/5 832pm

  190. Suzanne says:

    It's been 3 weeks and 1 day since I got that piercing that's supposed to help not get as many headaches, and idk if it's a fluke but I haven't had any kind of headache since, and I always got them sometimes 2x a week, I haven't had to take any pain meds at all ever since, it's crazy , I feel like a diff women. Lol. Thank you so much

  191. Angel Rowland Riendeau says:

    These are not only our friends and this place, they are also our family. We have been coming to Oxygen for almost 10 years straight now. Love each one of them. I wouldn't go anywhere else for a tattoo. We live over 8 hours away and we wait every year to go to PCB just to get our yearly tattooing on at oxygen.

  192. Lindsey Smith says:


  193. Kristen Leigh Mumphrey says:

    Excellent staff who knows how to give great service! These guys know how to get the job dine and still have a good time!

  194. Trava Lynn Wardrip says:

    I got a beautiful thigh tattoo done last night by Chad it is byfar the best tattoo I have ever gotten. All of the staff was friendly and helpful as four of us walked in. I have many tattoos from many different shops, my two most recent being from Oxygen, and I don't think I will ever go to another shop again. Thank you for being awesome!

  195. Carma Kelley Knight says:

    Cue ur the best! Thx again

  196. Amanda Parker says:

    My husband and daughter just got tatted up! Cue was very patient and knowledgeable throughout the process. They are both extremely happy with their first tats!

  197. Karen Adamson says:

    Great place! clean, friendly staff, walk ins welcome and no long wait. Thumbs up

  198. Samantha Breault says:

    Love the shop, fun and very professional environment! Steve-o is a sweetheart and knows just how to take care of you!! Thanks hun!

  199. Sydney Grissom says:

    Rob was amazing! My sister, mom, and I all got our first tattoos there and he made it an awesome experience!

  200. Lauren Srygley says:

    Just got my first tattoo done there by Steveo! He was great and very patient with me. He kept making sure I was ok. The other guys at the shop were very helpful with pricing and everything. Very quick service. Also got my belly button pierced there about three years ago and had no problems.

  201. Brandi Chism-Barnes says:

    Super friendly, they fill you with all kinds of knowledge about whatever you are having done!!! Thanks so much guys!!!!

  202. Sydney Hall says:

    Got my septum done this afternoon. Love it. The staff was so friendly.

  203. Janice Martin says:

    It was very clean and the staff was very friendly and would answer all your questions my daughter got her belly button pierced and loves it and I got my 3rd tattoo Rob did a awesome job on my infinity symbol with a anchor I love it

  204. Jennifer Thomas Van Dyke says:

    Just recently got my 3rd tattoo from Oxygen. Love this place!

  205. Amber Shoemake says:

    My husband and I each got our 3rd tattoo here while on a getaway with our toddler. Nice staff. And the facility was very clean which was important to us. We got a very meaningful tattoo in our 6 year old sons handwriting who passed away. Cindy did an amazing job and was very kind to us. We will always have a part of our son Leland with us but now we also have it ON us permanently. We weren't looking forward to taking a vacation without our son for the first time but it was worth it to get this tattoo. Thank you Cindy! It's perfect and we love it! #stilwithyou #lelandshoemakefoundation

  206. Mary Cazelot Thibodeaux says:

    Have always wanted a tattoo. While vacationing I decided at age 47 to do it! Holly did mine and I was very pleased with her professionalism and artistic skills. My daughter decided to get another tattoo and Ben took care of her. Again another great artist! Thank you Oxygen for making my experience an awesome one!!!

  207. Mary Perullo Walters says:

    Sniper did a great job on our grandmother-granddaughter tattoos!

  208. Elizabeth Kristen Hood says:

    I went in to get a dermal piercing on my collarbone and he talked to me the whole time and made me laugh! It was quick and easy and the best experience I've had with all my piercings and tattoos! I plan to be back to get a tattoo soon! Highly recommended, even if I wanted to I could find anything to criticize or critique from Oxygen!

  209. Angela Randall says:

    Holly did a fantastic job on my tattoo. Thank you for helping me close that chapter of my life. ☺☺

  210. Jennifer Pierce says:

    Went and had my tragus pierced and it was quick and painless. The piercer was reassuring and calm when my nerves wanted to jump out of my body lol and also got a tattoo afterwards! The place is cleaning and inviting. My 1 year old daughter felt comfortable there while we waited for her dada to get his tat! Will definitely be revisiting this awesome place on our next vacation to there!

  211. Kyle Couey says:

    First time in Panana City Beach and I decided to get my second tattoo. So Why not Oxygen!? By far my favorite shop ive been too. Holly did an awesome job on my Bass Cleft on my wrist. No Complaints possible with the staff or enviroment!. Although I live 4 hours away you can bet Ill Be traveling here to get more done!. Way more to come. Definatly recomend this shop to any and everyone!!!.

  212. Alexis Naspinski says:

    Jason did a fantastic job with my nose piercing. He walked me through it step by step and told me all i needed to know to take care of it. He also kept me from being nervous by being pretty chill and funny. But overall, i had a great experience!!

  213. Yvonne Harmon says:

    Going back tomorrow for my 2nd tattoo. They are great.

  214. Lisa Thompson says:

    I love my new ink!! My friend and I got identical tats signifying we have and will always stick together thru thick and thin! If you go to this shop, ADK FOR SNIPER!!! She is the BOMB!! Very soft touch but plants that ink!!! She has been featured in Tattoo You magazine and been invited TWICE to be on Ink Master!!! Girl is GOOD!!!! Prices are a bit high but you get what you pay for!!! One happy customer here!!!!

  215. Alec Kaye says:

    Clean venue. Awesomely nice people. Expert at tattoos.

  216. Chandler Hannon says:

    I got my first tattoo here, today, and I waited at most 10 minutes, all of the guys were so nice and made me feel really comfortable. My tattoo is perfect and exactly what I wanted. I would definitely go back for the next one.

  217. Samantha Price says:

    Just had my second tattoo done. I wish I would have came here for the first one. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful! I will be recommending you guys to everyone!

  218. Kandy says:

    My mom and I visited the shop on Friday, March 18th while on vacation here. It was the best service that I have ever recived in a tattoo shop. All the staff was friendly and very helpful. We would like to give a special shout out to Jason and Scotty for superior service and conversation. They made us feel right at home. I am sorry that we can not remember the guy name that did my mom's tattoo but he he did a fab job as well. Keep up the great work guys!!!! And Scotty I love my cover up you did when others claim it was going to be hard to do.

  219. Tess Poynter says:

    Lawrence was awesome, super nice (and funny!!) guy who's great at making customers feel comfortable. I got my belly button pierced by him and it was so quick and easy. Would recommend!

  220. Lauren Pickels says:

    Very clean, respectable and respectful employees! All the artist are professional, clean & take their time! All the stations are sanitary and tidy. My experience here was a pleasant one! Thank you again to Rob Moye for the excellent piece you did! I highly recommend this studio if you are looking for an awesome experience!

  221. Nicole Niki Jacob says:

    Thank you Steve for my beautiful cross and cherry blossom!

  222. Amanda Myers says:

    While on vacation I decided to get a tattoo and by far the best place I've gone... Very clean and friendly environment and artists... Will definitely come back next time

  223. Dana says:

    I came in to have a cover up tattoo done. Cindy was my artist and she was fabulous. Very sweet and made you feel very comfortable. She came up with an idea for me that worked and I'm very happy with how it turned out. I will be back again for sure. The whole staff was great!

  224. Bryce Monti says:

    Rob did a great job on my shoulder piece. I came in with an idea and he took it, put his spin on it and it came out looking amazing. The shop itself is easily the best in PCB. Very professional but a fun atmosphere!

  225. Brittany Stephens says:

    As someone who was very nervous and not an expert in the tattoo world, I will have to say that my experience was better than imagined. Oxygen is a very nice, clean, and friendly environment that I would recommend to anyone. My tattoo artist was Cindy Aspedon, and I ultimately give her all the props for making my experience great. Not only did she make me feel very comfortable and give me all the info and advice needed, but she also did amazing (like really amazing) work on my tattoo. I'm so glad that we made this stop before heading back home to Kentucky. I give this facility 5 stars and can't wait to go back again!

  226. Karla says:

    Jason Cue was the tattoo artist who took my idea for a compass rose and turned it into a classy and detailed piece of art. Awesome job while making me comfortable. Shop was fun, clean and professional. Having been waiting along time to do this tattoo. Thanks so much!!!

  227. Ansley A says:

    last night I got my second tattoo done here and it was beyond AMAZING. I will definitely be coming back here to get another one. Everyone in this shop was extremely nice and welcoming, and the prices were GREAT!!

  228. samantha says:

    this place is awesome was very happy with my tattoo the guy who did it was nice and made me feel comfortable

  229. Sam Phillips says:

    Very excellent Scotty was the one who did my tattoo he did a great job!

  230. Monique Bainbridge Lowe says:

    Scotty did an excellent job!!! This was my first tattoo!!! In memory of my father!! Vic, the manager was very kind and was patient with me and answered all my questions!!!! The studio was very clean and inviting!! I would definitely recommend it!! I am a regular platelets donor and they said they had all the certifications!!!!

  231. Lex Barringer says:

    I had my septum pierced yesterday by Jason. It was on point, the dude is hilarious and I immediately felt welcomed. First off, they were the only tattoo shop that I contacted that actually gave me a response within the half hour from when I initially contacted them. Second, the staff I encountered were super nice and they got down to business. Which I love, I would definitely recommend them! Thank you Jason, love the piercing!

  232. Nicole Maloy says:

    I got my tongue pierced there today and had an amazing experience. The people that work there are really amazing

  233. Kenneth Barton says:

    Rob Moye is the man!!

  234. Tabitha says:

    This studio was awesome. Very clean and professional. Very helpful in my final decision. I came in with an idea and they made it happen. Very expensive though...

  235. Jennifer Damron says:

    Very clean, professional, and friendly. Would definitely recommend!

  236. Christopher Larson says:

    Absolutely a great experience and awesome atmosphere

  237. Taylor Rose Barlettano says:

    Got my very first tattoo done today and it was great. They made me super comfortable and the man who did it was so professional and patient. Couldn't have asked for a better experience for a first time tattoo. To top it all off the tattoo is better than I even imagined it to be!! Thanks guys!!

  238. Q Bigs says:

    I got two tattoos on my wrists during spring break and they came out great and the guy who did them was really nice. Awesome place !

  239. Staci Griffith says:

    Awesome work! Will be coming for more ink next time we come to town.

  240. Dallas Elaine Hackett says:

    Great place ! The man who done my piercing was super nice and very funny ! Definatley recommend them to everyone. Very clean and professional

  241. admin says:

    We are sorry that you had issues with your piercings. Our piercing artists always give information and instruct the client to not touch or play with the jewelry unless they have clean hands and are cleaning it. Every shop has their own idea of aftercare procedures. We tend to not have problems with how we instruct out clients to care for their piercings. Again sorry things didn't work out for you. Hope you enjoy your next piercing. Remember to never use rubbing alcohol, peroxide or other abrasive substances on your piercings.

  242. Codi Nixon says:

    Got my industrial ear piercing done here. Ever piercing I've ever had has got infected (they were not done my oxygen)(yes I cleaned them properly). So I was pretty scared of infection. However, my industrial has been great! I haven't even had a slight sign of infection! They are super sanitary and great!

  243. Kimberly Cope says:

    Service was great. The staff was extremely nice by greeting me when I came in. The shop was extremely clean and I couldn't have chosen a better shop to have my nose piercing done at. I am extremely satisfied. Thanks so much.

  244. Heather Miller says:

    Service was awesome! Michael did an awesome job with my piercings and did them practically painlessly!

  245. Jessica Killian says:

    Awesome place! The environment was wonderful, clean, professional and friendly. We will definitely be back! They definitely know what they are doing and have a great staff. Very pleased with mine and my husbands tattoos. Can't wait to come back.

  246. Jessica Harvey says:

    Holly was great! The staff was super friendly, my husband and I LOVE our tattoos!!

  247. Jeffrey Quayle says:

    I went there on Thursday Aug. 3, 2015 at 10:30am to get my nipples pierced, it is something I have wanted to do for 25 years now. I always chickened out because I have always been afraid of the pain. I finally got the courage with the help of my Partner Ken and good friend Sabrina...The shop was very clean and we were greeted right as we walked in the door...A very nice man with full beard & mustache and real short hair with a little salt & pepper in it all, I am describing him because I am terrible with names...Anyway we had to wait for about 10 minutes for some equipment to finish getting sterilized in the autoclave...When he took me in the little area where they do the piercing he treated me like a true professional and explained the whole procedure to me...When he started to pierce the nipples it was done fast and accurate he talked to me the whole time...Over all it was a great experience and would recommend Oxygen Tatoo for all your piercing needs...Thank for the great job, you made this 50 year old overweight man very happy...I would give them 5 out of 5 stars...

  248. Kari McDuffie says:

    I got a hood piercing by Lawrence and he was awesome! He did great! Hardly any pain, its been over 24hrs and still no swelling or bleeding, placement was perfect and I love it! He also took a lot of time explaining aftercare to me. Would definitely go back in a heartbeat!

  249. Hannah says:

    Me & my husband are completely satisfied with our ink we got from SteveO. We got puzzle pieces for our son with autism and he nailed it! My husband actually wants to go back to Panama just to get more work done by him. He is a great artist & after talking with him, he's a great person too! We will be back!

  250. Kristin Scott says:

    Had my first tattoo done here by Cue & I'm so glad i came here! Awesome work & extremely clean place! would recommend Oxygen to anyone going to PCB!

  251. Mary Cornelius says:

    Holly was great. Very professional and I love the rose. Thanks Holly!

  252. Madison says:

    It was amazing. My tattoos snipe did an free handed them.! I love them. Will go back next time I'm in Florida.

  253. Jen says:

    Absolutely love everyone at this tattoo shop! Leroy thanks for my awesome pink combat boots! Holly Woodn't for the amazing cover-up can't wait for it to be finished in a month or two! Worth the drive from Kansas 🙂

  254. Josie Dorsey says:

    I got my septum pierced the other night by Jason and he made me feel comfortable and was very friendly. Definitely glad I went there!! Super helpful and don't mind answering all your questions!

  255. Alexandrea Moskowitz says:

    Just left and we had the best piercing experience. Lawrence pierced my daughter's nose. He was amazing! Clean and awesome atmosphere. Very well done!

  256. Nancy Vickers says:

    Oxygen Tattoo is the place to go for a tattoo. My artist, Rob was great he took time to cover all the basis on position and detail. I've seen some tattoos where the out lines were jagged and the fill in was not all that good, but Rob made sure that didn't happen. Rob thank you so much for a wonderful job I will be back next summer to see you.

  257. Ashley Hull says:

    Got both of my cartilages pierced, and it was quick and painless. The staff is very friendly and eased my nerves!!! 🙂

  258. Elizabeth says:

    Wylee did an amazing tattoo on my husband's shoulder. So professional and personable. Great lettering and precision skills. Definitely check him out!!! 🙂

  259. Halee Jones says:

    I just want to thank Steve-o again for my amazing tattoo. Y'all were so good to us, love this place! Can't wait to go back in September to get a final touch added! Thanks Steve-o! This tattoo will always hold a special place in my heart!

  260. Shawna  says:

    I had my first tattoo there last winter and it was overall great customer service it was not a long wait.And everyone was very friendly.

  261. Lauren N Shane Paar says:

    Great studio and a special shout out to Rob, he was a fantastic artist who took an idea and laid it down beautifully! For a matching tattoo for myself and wife.

  262. Amber Austin-Drake says:

    Found this shop on the Web when I was on a recent vacation. It was my 1st time to get a tattoo so I was super nervous!!! Jason hooked me up with my artist, Leroy who was incredibly fast and amazing!!! The shop was super clean and nice!!! Thanks for an amazing 1st experience 🙂

  263. Carlie Morris says:

    Michael did amazing with my piercings! I went in to get my industrial pierced while I was on vacation and was back in less than two weeks to let him pierce my tragus. It was so clean and they were all so nice. Out of all of my 12 piercings, those two seemed so easy. If i decided to get anymore piercings or even a tattoo, I would be sure to take a 6 hour drive just to go back to them!

  264. admin says:

    We are sorry if we came off as too offensive, that was not our intention. We are a shop of 10 artists who pride themselves on the work they do from start to finish, and some of them will tattoo fingers. With finger tattoos in general though, we always try and convince the person requesting one not to get it because of many things. First the tattoo process itself isn't easy because of the type of skin on the finger and the healing process exposes the fingers to all of the elements as well as general wear and tear from using your hands and constantly bending the knuckles and rubbing together with other fingers. The chances of the whole tattoo or even parts of it fading off completely are very high and will most likely need to be touched up frequently. Typically, when you see a picture of a finger tattoo on the internet, it is usually a picture of that tattoo immediately after it was done. What you hardly ever see is the 6 months to a year later photos of a partially faded or missing tattoo. Again we are sorry you felt the way you did when you left us. We hope your tattoo turned out great.

  265. Sallie says:

    I was so excited to get my tattoo at Oxygen while we were on vacation, it would be my second tattoo. I walked in and told the guy I wanted a small palm tree on my finger and he told me that most of his artists wouldn't even do that, and that half the ink probably wouldn't even show up. He then proceeded to say that whatever I looked up on Pinterest it doesn't turn out that way. I was highly offended over the sexist remark that was completely unnecessary. I left immediately and went to Mango Beach tattoos about a mile down the street and got a beautiful palm tree on my finger. I will not be coming back to Oxygen.

  266. HotCorey says:

    Best experience ever! Never have I gotten a tattoo while watching Netflix and having surround sound. After getting the outline done, she used some numbing gel so I didn't feel any pain. Amazing work and great company, would highly recommend. Shortly after getting this tattoo, my cancer has shrunk and is almost gone! Thanks a million Holly!

  267. Joscelyn says:

    Thanks so much Oxygen tattooz!! Cue was the artist that did my tattoo of two beautiful butterflies on my leg!!Deffintley be back next year to get more!!:)

  268. Dacey says:

    Everyone is so nice here! Very talented artists. I was amazed at how well my first tattoo turned out, I'm so happy with it and I wouldnt change a thing. My moms and my brothers tattoos are amazing as well. Anytime I'm in PCB, I'm definitely coming back to this place. 10/10 would recommend.

  269. Bekka says:

    Jason did my piercing and he was awesome. It was fast and quick and almost painless. I love my new belly bling!

  270. savannah says:

    Michael did my three of my friends nose and he was a great guy. he makes his customers feel very comfortable

  271. Jordan  says:

    I got my nose pierced from Michael. It did not hurt at all. The easiest piercing I've ever gotten and I have 10. He was great and so nice. He made sure that I was alright like every minute which made me feel comfortable and relieved. I recommend him to everyone.

  272. Randy Parrish says:

    My two daughters just got their noses pierced by Jason. The place was completely clean and he was great with calming my girls down to prep them for the piercing.

  1. Nikia says:

    Cue did my first tattoo yesterday and I was very satisfied! He knew I was very nervous and talked me through the whole thing. He was very quick and made my tattoo look just like the picture I showed him! I would definitively recommend him to anyone who comes to panama for a tattoo!

  2. Adam says:

    My wife and I got tattoos on Dec20th 2014. My artist was cue! He was cue. He did an amazing job and took 2 hours or more going over and refining my idea until it was exactly how I wanted it. My wife and I could not be more happy with our experience at oxygen and plan on going back again. After cue put a tattoo on me I think he will be the only person I go too from here on out. Thanks again too cue and all of the staff at oxygen in P.C.B!!

  3. Ze says:

    I recieved service from Lawrence. He was amazing! He made me feel comfortable right away. I was very nervous about getting my nipples pierced, but he talked me through it. He was quick and caused minimal pain. I can definitely tell that he’s doesn’t do his job just for the money, he loves his customers and shows his appreciation. I recommend this shop to everyone.

  4. jackie says:

    Just had my first tattoo yesterday with Sniper. She did an absolute awesome job! The shop was clean, professional, and friendly! It was a great experience.

  5. Joseph Ray says:

    Joe had been wanting a tattoo of a Dragon for a long time, and had done previous business with Oxygen Tattoo. Suzy West did an excellent job on his tattoo. He was well pleased, and people have commented on the detail and color of his Dragon. He had no problems whatsoever with the healing process and he has enjoyed the outcome. Thank-you for your professionalism. I’m sure Joe will be back!! Joe and Jeri

  6. Taylor says:

    I got my nostril pierced back in July when I was in Panama City Beach on vacation. It was a really great experience and it makes me want to get another piercing. The price was way less than I had expected, considering I’d never had any piercing done before. My piercer was really nice and I didn’t feel nervous at all. The piercing is still doing well and healing nicely and I like it a lot! It was overall a pretty good experience.

  7. Wendell says:

    AfterFirst tattoo after many years of indecision. My brother and I checked out the Oxygen facility and staff and were very impressed. Holly did my tattoo and I couldn’t be happier. Beautiful workmanship and her professionalism put my mind at ease. Don’t know if I’ll ever get another one, but if I do I know who and where. Thanks Oxygen, and especially Holly.

  8. BIG HOLY says:

    I got tatted up for the second time by Cue!!! This was my second “official” tattoo, and it won’t be my last!!! PRECIATE IT CUE!!! LETS GO!!! #BIGHOLY

  9. BIG HOLY says:

    I got tatted up by Cue today!! It was my first official tatto, but it won’t be my last!!! PRECIATE IT CUE!!! LETS GO!!! #THEGODOFTHISCITY

  10. Michelle Campbell says:

    Good afternoon Michelle, We are sorry you feel that way about us as this is an unusual thing. Whenever we pierce anyone’s tragus we always use a 316 L surgical steel 16 gauge 5/16 round captive bead ring. We use this type of jewelry as it is not threaded and enables you to clean and take care of the piercing more easily. Without the threads there is no extra trauma to the piercing and it heals smoother. Our shop employs three piercers that have each at least 10 or more years in experience piercing. We literally do hundreds of tragus piercings per month as well as hundreds of jewelry replacement for tragus piercings that were initially pierced in other shops. We are not sure why your piercer had a problem replacing your jewelry other than the fact that it was far too early in the healing process to do so. As far as healing time we always recommend that you change the jewelry no sooner than 2 months after the initial piercing. Since you had both pierced it is likely to take longer to heal and swelling might have not completely gone down since you had only had the piercings a little over 1 month. As per our phone conversation, we requested you send a picture so that we might be able to see how it was possible for the piercing to be “incorrect”. We would still like you to send pictures so that we can address this issue further if needed. Regards, Oxygen Tattoo Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Original Comment: I had both my tragus pierced and over a month later I went to have them changed and I’m told that the piercing was done wrong. I contacted the manager at Oxygen Tattooz “who was rude” telling me how long they have been doing this and it can’t be wrong to send a picture of my ears!..(Like a picture will show the inside of the hole!!) My tattoo shop tried 2 different earrings and were unable to get it to come out the back side do to the hole being in an angle. Now I have to order special made earrings for them. I should get my money back 89.00!!!! I would never tell anyone to have anything done at Oxygen Tattooz!!!!

  11. Amanda Berry says:

    Brian Chambers is a real professional! So grateful he accepted me as his client. I told him what I wanted & he created something above & beyond my expectations! Again, grateful that he acceptede as his client! He spent time to create something so special that I’m honored to have it on my body. Thank you Brian! It’s an honor to know you & I look forward to our next meeting. Best wishes to you, I know you will always be successful!

  12. Mark says:

    My wife and I have been here twice. We travel from Nashville to hang at the beach and get ink. Brain did our last tats and we will be back at the end of next week and we are bringing friends. So I hope Brian will be available. This is the only place for us in Florida.

  13. Jodi Atwell says:

    I received exactly what I was looking for. Brian did my Tattoo. He knew what I was trying to accomplish to finish a partial sleeve. It turned out perfect. It was a lengthy ink session but he took his time throughout the entire piece and I am so pleased with it. Would definitely recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much Brian for completeting my vision. Will return in the future.

  14. Grace says:

    I got my first tattoo from Brian! He made me feel comfortable and relaxed as possible! I could not be happier with the feather and my dads initials he did on my foot. I love every part of it! Will be back if I decide to get another one! Thanks a billion Brian and Oxygen Tattoo! ~Grace

  15. John says:

    My wife and I went in to check out the artists and to discuss a couple of pieces we want to have done over the next few months. We were so impressed by the artists and the atmosphere that we decided to go ahead and get a little work done while we were there. Sniper did an amazing job on my wife’s neck as well as the piece on my back. Without a doubt, we will be back and they will do all of our work to come. Thanks again, guys. Amazing. —–John

  16. Alan says:

    Don’t waste your time with Oxygen. I called twice to make sure there would be a female artist available at 10am on Friday morning (they have several female artist). My wife and I wanted to make an appointment but they said “Don’t worry a female artist will definitely be here”. I even called the day before, to make sure! My wife and I drove 2 hours to get there at 10 am, only to find out there was no female artist there. They told us she would be there at 1 PM. Great! So we drove to Alan’s Cool Ink in Destin. Excellent, nice private accommodations, and really nice people at Alan’s Cool Ink. Thanks for nothing Oxygen! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mr. Alan, We apologize for the inconvenience this caused you as usually we always have a female artist here at 10am. Due to unforeseen circumstances she had a Doctors appointment and we kept in contact with you as to when she was expected in around 1pm. Again we apologize but we are glad you found a new place to get your tattoo and that you are happy with your work. Regards, Oxygen Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio

  17. Joshua Springfield says:

    Awesome place..I was impressed with the skill of brian chambers and the management lookingbfoward to c omming back and finishing up a true work of art with an impressive artist Brian ..and also made a great friend thanks guys you are where ill be c omming

  18. Haley little says:

    Brian is a great artist he took our idea and made it even better definitely recommend him

  19. Amy Mcguyer says:

    This is my third time having art work done,, this is the only place I will use, we drive from kentucky every time me and my husband want a tattoo,, my husband uses Cue!! He is an awesome artist! I always use Brian , absolutely love him his fresh drawling a and just the comfort I feel while getting my tattoo on my last visit in July I brought my 20 year old daughter to get her first tattoo Brian did an awesome job, keeping her calm and relaxed!! I would recommend this shop and these artist to anyone!

  20. Payton says:

    I am 16 years old and a few days ago I went in and got my very 1st tattoo . I was super nervous and a little unsure of what I wanted and where I wanted the tattoo to be . Brian at Oxygen helped me create a very special tattoo that I absolutely love . I have him a few ideas and he came up with the tattoo and told me good spots to place it and he also told me spots that might not be good placement . I am very satisfied with my results and I would drive 4 hours again to get another tattoo from here . Also the environment is very clean and professional .

  21. Karen says:

    I was on vacation and visited this shop to get a nose piercing and a tattoo. I got a tattoo by Bryan and loved it! He is very professional and he knows tattoo. The facility is nice and clean and everyone seems to be very proffesional. Now, for my nose piercing, that’s a different story. I can’t remember the guy’s name. He was very nice but I had to go to the ER on yesterday to get my nose ring removed.(after just 1 week). The hole was too big for the small stud I recieved. I did tell him I wanted a small stud but I didn’t know it was going to land me in the ER with pain and infection. But, overall I would give them an A.

  22. Amy says:

    Super friendly staff, knows exactly what they’re doing. Got my belly buttoned pierced and honestly I couldn’t have had a better experience. Highly recommended!

  23. Randy says:

    Snipe did a tatoo for me first week of June. I’ve got a lot of compliments. It turned out great. I can’t wait till next summer when I return for vacation. I want to get my other leg done. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is a talented artist!

  24. Bailey Green says:

    Brian did an amazing job on my first tattoo, i went in a little confused on what i wanted so i let Brian draw up a design for me, and it was absolutely amazing, so we went with the design and i was very nervous in getting my first tattoo especially on my rib cage but he was awesome, and did an amazing job! i will definitely be driving 9 hours to get another tattoo!

  25. lindsey says:

    Good afternoon, We remember speaking with you about the Sailor Jerry style shark you were going to put on your foot. When we saw that you had gotten a different style shark on your arm and were happy with the end result, we thought you had spoken with the artist about doing it differently. In any case please contact us so we can discuss what we can do for you to make the experiences a more satisfactory one.

  26. Jason says:

    Got tattoo 2wks ago and got nothing like I wanted.wanted old school sailor jerry shark with some color ended up with black and gray. He was going to draw something didn’t do that either. Once I heal up already schedule have work done to it to make it like I wanted. I know Brian can do good work that’s why I came back twice to him but he look just disinterest in what I wanted.

  27. Shelby Shavers says:

    I went in today to get my first tattoo by Cue. I had been in the previous day to speak to him about it and he made me feel very comfortable and confident in him. All the staff were very kind and made me a lot less nervous. I wanted a unique realistic piece and he gave me that and more. I love my tattoo very much and I’m extremely proud of it. Cue will not disappoint you. I would drive the 12 hours back to Florida to get more work from him . He is a truly great artist.

  28. Justin Morrow says:

    I had been wanting another tattoo for some time when I came across this shop online. Did some research and went in to talk to Cue. He took my idea and the picture I had in my hand and made it even better. He did a great job in a style that not alot of people get anymore and, he wasn’t necessarily use to doing. So from here on out all of my tattoos will be done by Cue, no doubt.

  29. Daryan Fangmeier says:

    We went to Oxygen while on vacation to get my sister’s belly button pierced, we ended up leaving with 6 of us getting piercings. Laurence was very good at what he did and all the people were very friendly and knowledgable. I highly recommend this place to anyone!

  30. Ciara Terry says:

    While on vacation in PCB I wanted to get new ink. I went to oxygen tattoo and had a wonderful experience! The people are very friendly and Brian , the artist , did a wonderful job!! It looks fantastic. This place is highly recommended by me! I loved them!!

  31. Randi Morgan says:

    I was in bad need of a cover up on my lower back. Cue came up and talked to me for a few minutes, got an idea if my likes and dislikes. 1 1/2 hours later I left with a new original tattoo I am very pleased with. He was very professional and sketched out his idea on my back and went from that. I have a one of a kind piece I’m happy to show now. I will definitely be back to let Cue do more work.

  32. dawn mcgough says:

    First went to Oxygen last year to get a vampire on my ankle. Lawrence set me up with Suzi. I told Suzi what I wanted she drew it up. Loved the design! It was even better when she finished. She had added small details that were awesome such as a hidden skull. And subtle details to his cape. Absolutely love the piece. Came back this year to see Suzi when I decided I wanted to wrap it around my ankle. Again she did an awesome job. Told her just to do what she tthougt would look good to connect it. I ended up with some wispy mist and an awesome misty vampire skull. I will be back to visit for all future tattoos. If you want an awesome tattoo from a really good artist whos friendly then ask for Suzi at Oxygen.

  33. James says:

    On 5-23-14 me & son got tattoos for his 18th birthday. Holley tattooed my son and she did an awesome job. She tattooed a bible verse on his ribs. Awesome! My artist was Suzi all I can say is she is amazing. I could not be happier with my tat. The prices was a little high but if I’m gonna have some ink on me I don’t mind paying a little extra for experience. My wife also got her belly button pierced. She didn’t even know when the guy did it that’s how good they are! For my first tattoo experience I can honestly say I love oxygen zone!

  34. Sarah Cornell says:

    While on vacation to PCB I wanted to get a small tattoo or piercing. I have 2 daisies on my arm and wanted to add a third one, they wanted to charge $175 for one flower, when I paid $150 for the 2 I have! BUT the fact of their location and probably the quality of work is worth the money if you can afford it. So I decided to get my conch pierced (I’m not new to piercings, I have 9/16 in my lobes) Mike helped me out. He was super helpful and friendly, probably one of the best piercers I have had. Same price as back home (Illinois) and I’m very happy with it. Recommended!

  35. Kevin Johnson says:

    I recently had an experience with Oxygen that I shared on YELP but hadn’t shared on here, so here it is: I love this place! I haven’t met tattoo artists with as much integrity, class, and kindness than the folks at Oxygen! I was greeted by a great shop, very clean and inviting, a crew that was welcoming and patient as well as genuinely interested in my life and life story. The level of artistic ability is unmatched and strongly supported my an incredible owner, Ronnie. Every member of their staff at every level is just cool. I don’t know how else to say it, and it took me way too long to say it, but every time I look at my tattoo I am reminded of not only a life-accomplishment, but that I had an unbelievable experience at Oxygen! Thanks a lot Ronnie, Lindsey and Cue…I am eternally grateful for everything you stand for, always going above and beyond to please your client, and I will never stop singing your praises…well, shouting loudly, people throw garbage at me when I sing. PEACE!!

  36. Oxygen Tattoo and Body Piercing Studiosays:

    A REMINDER TO ALL OF OUR CLIENTS: ~ Following proper aftercare instructions given to you by your artist is essential to the healing of your tattoo. ~ Take a good look at your tattoo stencil before the tattooing procedures begin (ie: spelling, size, and placement.) ~ Do not insist on changes or additions to a new tattoo until it is fully healed. These changes or additions will compromise proper healing.

  37. Stephanie says:

    Took my daughter here for her b’day (3/29/14) to get her first tattoo.. I did research on a lot of places before deciding on this shop. Drove for 7 hours to have this be the most disappointing trip. The tattoo looked awesome the day it was done, but had to take her back the very next day to get some of the lines done again because they were not even connected. After a week was over this was the worst tattoo that I have ever seen. I called the shop and was told to send pictures in an email so that the mgr could look at them… well today is 4/15/14 and not a word from anybody.. Had to take her to a totally different shop to get the tattoo done all over again.. They charged me $180.00 for a tattoo that looked like a child had done it and still no response from them at all. My advice is do not go to this shop if you want a quality piece of work. Shop Response: April 16th, 2014 “Like I previously mentioned, yesterday was the first time that this was brought to my attention. Looking further into the matter today and speaking with both the artist in question as well as other reputable artists we have in the shop, and looking at the pictures that you provided in both emails, we take the position that the tattoo does not look as if it was taken care of with the proper procedures. The pictures showed far too much scabbing than would be present if it had been taken care of properly. I understand like you mentioned in your previous email that you have other tattoos and you know how to take care of them but that doesn’t mean that was the case for your daughter’s first tattoo. However, we would still like to resolve the issue as it is our policy to satisfy all of our customers to the best of our ability. Since you stated in the online comment that you had to take her to another shop and have it reworked, we would like to offer you this refund towards that redo. I hope that this is satisfactory to you” April 18th, 2014 { All issues have been resolved with this customer but we take both the good and bad to heart. We strive to satisfy every customer to the fullest extent with all tattoos and piercings. Oxygen Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio Artists and Staff}

  38. Melia says:

    I got a custom tattoo done by Steve-O. I laid out my idea and he made it look even better then I could have hoped for. His walk through of the aftercare routine and experience made the entire thing surreal. Next time in down in Florida I would gladly see him for an additional tat. If he or his team ever did a tour to Ontatio Canada I would be the first to sit in the chair. The 1,963 km (1,219.75 mile) drive is totally worth seeing the sunsets and the Oxygen team.

  39. rachel lorance says:

    Just got my piercing there and mike (Michael) was amazing. He was patient and knew a lot about his job. My peircings turned out great and I’m super happy.

  40. Amy Mcguyer says:

    Highly reccomended,, 10 stars on cleanliness , friendly, and awesome artist! I drive 9 hours from kentucky to come get my tattoos only at this place! I have only used BRIAN:) they will go out of there way to get a design and placement right and what you want!

  41. Greg says:

    A couple of summers ago I got a tattoo of my college alma mater mascot of an Indian chief by Cue. He did an amazing job and even incorporated it into another tattoo that I already had. Still looks great and I get tons of compliments on the work. I live in the Atlanta area and will only get another tattoo at Oxygen, 7 hours away. The shop is super clean and professional. My wife also had her naval pierced and had zero problems with her piercing. I highly recommend Cue and Oxygen!

  42. J M S says:

    I found Oxygen Zone to be the best tattoo business in PCB. Clean and friendly environment producing awesome tattoos. Brian did an outstanding job creating something I’ll cherish forever. Thanks again Brian!

  43. Laree VanOrden says:

    I had my nose pierced by Michael while i was on vacation. He placed it exactly where i wanted it and was able to answer any health concerns i had about the piercing. When i got back home to Georgia i accidentally ripped out my piercing, the next morning i called him to find what i could do. He walked me through what i should look for when i went to another shop and made sure that they gave me the right kind of stud and that i wasn’t overpriced. It was great to know i had someone to call when everything went wrong. I HIGHLY recommend them!

  44. Stacy says:

    This place is by far the best in the area, being a person that is allergic to certain types of body jewelry I searched each and EVERY tattoo and piercing place within a 30 miles radius for a good quality nose ring when mine had broke. The customer service was amazing I explained what I was looking for when I was promptly greeted and shown to the perfect item and had a variety of options.They also took time in assisting me in using this cork screw design which was a switch from the original nose ring I was acustom to. The nose ring I purchased has exceeded my expectations 365/7 wear has not affected the stone or its mountings and till this day shows no sign of tarnishing which means they are selling exactly what they have items labeled or marked as; you have to be careful as most places will buy cheap jewelry and sell as high quality. This place is a key staple in our visits each year.

  45. Bronwen says:

    Lawrence did my piercing. He did a wonderful job. I give him five stars. I highly recommend him.

  46. Rita says:

    Lawrence did my piercing was very good loved the place and he was so awesome will return again.

  47. Jennifer Cash says:

    I came into the shop last summer with a terrible hack job of an ankle tattoo, I had been putting off a cover up for years, Eric was my artist and he did a PHENOMENAL job, he covered that mess without a trace! I love my new tattoo and everyone who sees it says its so perfect it almost looks fake. Coming to Oxygen Zone was one of the best decisions I’ve made! Looking forward to coming back for more 🙂

  48. Joel says:

    Brian is a true artist. I gave him the elements I wanted included and he ran with it. The initial design he showed me was as good as the one that had been running around in my head for years. The next day, his artistic creativity had taken hold and by the time he was finished, it turned out better than I had ever imagined. I’ve gotten nothing but compliments on his work. He and his wife were both awesome! My visit for first-time ink turned into a family affair, with a tattoo for my wife (expertly done by Brian as well), a Henna Pegasus for my daughter and even a couple of water-transfer tats for my youngest. Grateful to you both for welcoming our family in to your “Home.” Thanks Bro, you make the Brotherhood of Firefighters proud with you work!!!

  49. Mandi Sartore says:

    Brian gave me my first tattoo when I was in Panama City Beach and I love it. He was great. He knew I was nervous about it and he did everything he could to keep me relaxed. I am so pleased that I may not get another tattoo unless I can come down there and have Brian do it again. Thanks again Brian!! You were great!!!

  50. Mark”BIG Counrty Zombie” says:

    Cue, is a master. He gave me exactly what I wanted and nailed it. I have found my Fla. Hook up. I have been receiving compliments from the time I walked out of the shop. Cue is a true artist and I will definitely be back. Thank you Brotha!!!

  51. Helen says:

    Had my industrial piercing done today by Lawrence! It looks Ahhmazing! He was very quick and knowledgeable about the piercing!! Thanks again!!

  52. Karen says:

    Brian, it was so nice to have met you and your wife. I absolutely LOVE the tremendous Art that you created on my body. The Black Widow is TRULY amazing. You definitely are a TRUE ARTIST. I posted our picture on FB as you being my new Bestie. Thank you!!!!

  53. Nancy says:

    Cue done an excellent job on my tattoo. I know it was small, but still excellent work. Thanks man you are the bomb.

  54. Candace says:

    Brian was the best artist i have met in a long time, he was very considerate of careful to make sure the customer was happy and had exactly what they wanted. I will definitely be back to see him again, his wife is awesome too.. they definietly keep you occupied so you dont really think of what is going on. of my 13 , now 14 tats, i really enjoyed this one the most.. thank you guys so much, your the best… acandace A.K.A “LEGS”… LOL

  55. Shea Newell says:

    Top Notch…my tattoo artist was Brian and I must say I’ve been there twice before and he made my third visit amazing. I will definitely be coming back for more my him. Professional, great artwork, awesome ideas and just all around impressed. Oxygen is a must go tattoo shop.

  56. Kathy Wolf says:

    Hubby and I got our Tat’s today and we couldn’t be any happier! They are so friendly and they do good work! Brian did my Tat, and I about cried when I seen it done, It’s AMAZING! Def one of a kind, and so is Brian! Love his wife too!! 😀 She watched our kids as we got our Tats done. They loved her! Thank you for a wonderful experience, we’ll be back to see you next yr.!! 🙂

  57. Jordan says:

    I’ve gotten my nose pierced by Mike, belly button by the bearded man there (I still don’t know his name!), and Lawrence (?) did my vertical clit hood piercing today. It was awesome! I had three piercings and thought that I would handle it like a pro, but once i got there, I was so nervous. He made it completely comfortable. He talked to me through the piercing, was very great with aftercare, and he just made it a wonderful expierence. I can’t say enough about this shop. I’ve personally gotten three out of my four piercings here, took my little sister and had her nose pierced by the apprentice Damien, brought a friend to get her nose done, took four cousins to get naval piercings, and two cousins to get nose and tongue piercings. All of the guys I’ve dealt with have been great. The shop is clean and professional. It’s simply the best shop. Recommend to everyone!

  58. Austin Compton says:

    Family went to get tattoos these guys made us feel like we were at home.. love our art work I recommend this shop 10 out of 10

  59. Kerrie says:

    This was my first tattoo experience. I was very nervous, but wanted a tattoo really bad. After graduating from college a second time, I decided I wanted to do something for me and to honor my brother that is no longer with us. I had done a lot of research before I chose the place to do my tattoo. The art work I wanted was very hard to replicate so research was a must. After reading some of the reviews on the website for Brian, I decided to have a consult with him. Being my first one I was really nervous and wanted it to be perfect. Brian did not let me down. My tattoo looks AWESOME! I had it done back in May and I love it. I would not hesitate to recommend Oxygen Tattoo and expectually Brian to do your tattoo. His art work is phenomenal. I know I plan on visiting him again in September when I am back in PCB.

  60. Megan Ellerbrock says:

    Great atmosphere and people. Made my visit to PCB that much more interesting. Thanks guys!

  61. Jordan says:

    Went back to the shop on July 29 with four family members. We all got our navels pierced and the job was, again, fantastic. The staff was kind and helpful, the piercer quick and professional. He even helped calm down my very nervous cousin. Fantastic job once again, and I will definitely be coming back!

  62. Jordan says:

    I went to the shop on July 24 with a close friend to get out noses pierced. It was my second piercings, so I wasn’t really nervous. I had recently relocated to the area and was looking for a really nice shop to get more piercings at start getting tattoos at, and this shop was recommended to me, based on their quality of service and prices. Mike was fantastic! He chatted with us both, made my nervous friend calm down, and when I started to bleed pretty badly, he just took care of it and made sure I was feeling better before I stood up. He was very complete when describing the aftercare. The shop was clean and comfortable. I will be returning for my tattoos and piercings in the future, and I highly, highly recommend this shop! Thank you guys for a fantastic experience!

  63. Wendy says:

    I got my first tattoo here on Thursday! Leroy did an amazing job. Also got a Monroe piercing same day! Mike did a great job very pleased!! Cant wait to get some more tats now!!

  64. Shellbie says:

    I had the best experience getting my first tattoo July 12th. Brian did my USA wrestling tattoo on my right ankle. I was so nervous but once I talked to his wife and Brian, it helped so much. Brian was very friendly and make me feel really comfortable. He had my family and I laughing the whole time. Not to mention the quality of the work. I am definitely going back to get my other tattoos when I’m down in panama city again!

  65. Anita says:

    I got my 4th tat on Thursday at Oxygen….and this is my favorite so far…Suzi done a fabulous job and was very friendly..The detail was great and done exactly what I asked…..I would recommend Oxygen to anyone who vacations in PCB to visit this place…friendly and great work.

  66. Daryl says:

    Went to get my first tattoo on Saturday, told them what I was looking for (large tattoo for a first tattoo) and was introduced to Cue. He looked at what I had in mind, sketched it up and placed the design. Once the tattoo was finished (about an hour and a half later) it came out BETTER than I had imagined. The tat is an Eagle with H-D shield, and it looks life-like with the detail in the feathers and the eagle head. Awesome work once again Cue.

  67. Caroline Keyes says:

    Brain Chambers did the sun on the top of my back. He was super friendly and made my first tattoo experience very relaxing. Not to mention how funny he was. I was very pleased with my experience at Oxygen!

  68. Athena says:

    I had a Mario character tattoo done on my foot this past week. Cue did an amazing job with every detail. I love it and will totally be driving back down from MN again to get more added. Thanks so much, Cue! Love it! Love it! Love it!

  69. James Mitchell says:

    Vacationing in Panama City. Wife and I chose Oxygen to have an old home made tattoo on the wife’s shoulder covered up. Cue did an awesome job! Would highly recommend Oxygen as the studio to get ink in Panama City! Cue, Thanks again for the awesome work!

  70. Chelsea says:

    Got my first tattoo this week from here from George! Loved him and I love and adore my tattoo. Already got another picked out and I will be coming back to oxygen to get it in October! You guys are great!

  71. Nina says:

    On vacation in Panama City and decided to get a tattoo. Brian took my design and made it an original. Great service. Flattered me the whole time to keep my mind off of the pain. I am very happy with the end result and will be back for my next one.

  72. Janet says:

    I just recently got my second tattoo at Oxygen in PCB while on vacation. Brian freehand drew the quote I wanted so beautifully and then tatted it on me so perfectly. Never in my life have I had a better tattoo experience than this most recent tattoo. And it’s my 6th tat. It’s a beautiful quote on my back saying “I am enough the way I am”. Thank you, Brain. I’ve done nothing but rave about it ever since. 🙂

  73. Ashley says:

    Love love love my experience at Oxygen. I had an overall great time there. Michael pierced the Rook of my ear , he was very friendly, clean and knew what he was doing. Minus the Kentucky jokes, he was awesome!!!!

  74. Alejandro says:

    I was living in PCB early this year when i did my tattoo, it was such an amazing experience. The place is very clean and the people who work there and also the artists made you feel comfotable.. so, i’m def going back and get another one for sure! Thanks guys for having me(:

  75. Alissa says:

    I got my naval done yesterday for my birthday. Was a very new experience but Michael was very thorough about the aftercare and how to take care of if. I recommend Oxygen to anyone. LOVE LOVE LOVE my bellybutton piercing. Thank you!

  76. Melissa Donaghue says:

    I came in to your shop during my vacation recently and was helped by Brian…May I say I had the best experience all around. He not only advised me on too much sun, but also gave me the baddest chest pieces of swallows. He was very down to earth and my kinda guy….my husband enjoyed his company as well. Thanks Brian I love my birds, they are the shit. They both healed very well. We will be back to see u on our next vacation, Thanks so much!!!! Sorry Im a bit late on the review….vacation was over and Im back in reality!!!! Melissa Donaghue

  77. sarah wyland says:

    I got My first Tattoo Sunday after a family Vacation to Panama. From the Minute I walked in the door I felt so welcome. I noticed the staff was so nice and Helpful and the place was very Clean. I was Very Nervous it was my first, but George calmed me down and was soo sweet! I Love my Tattoo on My foot its so cute! Thanks George your awesome! And thanks for the soda!!

  78. Amber B. says:

    Love love love Eric!!! He’s done every tattoo I have and I’ll be coming to see him for another in just a few weeks! He’s close my family… Might as well call him fam! Great guy, cool as heck. And awesome work! He has also done my dads tats, and my sis too! Loooove ya Eric!

  79. Jerrold Gill says:

    This is the cleanest most professional shop I have been to. Jason Cue did a cover up for me and I couldn’t have asked for A better job. It turned out great. Thanks for all your help. Jerrold

  80. Kolby Lynn says:

    Just wanted to say at first i was nervous, but then George did my tattoo. He is friendly and a great artist, drew me up exactly what i wanted. Will be back for more in the future. Thanks George!!

  81. Melissa says:

    I had an amazing artist! He covered an old tattoo that was dark and had run together with a gorgeous flower that pops with color. I’ll be back to Oxygen for my next tattoo!

  82. Stephanie says:

    Went to Oxygen because of other reviews. Got an add on to an existing tattoo. Great experience and Brian did an awesome job on the tattoo. When I get another, I will come back here.

  83. laina says:

    I had a horrible mistake on my wrist from a crazy night and have been wanting it covered up for 6yrs. Came on vacation and stopped into oxygen zone and finally did it. Brian did an amazing job on a cover up and next time I am in PCB I will def be stopping by for a new addition! They’re super friendly and don’t treat you differently like some other places just because we weren’t locals!

  84. R. Cox says:

    Great place, my wife, my son and I all got a tattoo over sprring break and the experience was great. This place is very clean and comfortable, and they are real artists. – Hoosiers on Spring Break

  85. Damien Beck 🙂 says:

    🙂 I can honestly say that my first yattoo experience was the best day of my life thanks to BRIAN 🙂 He did an excellent job on my Hourglass and I’m super impressed with his work 🙂 He was cool and played all the old thrash and metal instead of that crap playing on 97.5 XD Thank you. You guys are great and I’ll definately be coming back 🙂

  86. Christy Lee Clayton says:

    My daughter and our friend were in PCB over Spring Break. I had researched the website prior to our visit. My daughter and I had our tattoos in visioned, but talked them thru with Brian. He was very helpful and patient with the both of us. After designing mine and my daughter’s tattoo, we were o excited to have him do the tattoo. Our friend who was with us liked his work so much, she had him draw up a cover up tattoo on the spot. We all three were super excited with the end result. Both Brian and his wife, Renee were so pleasant and nice to us. We will definitely go back and request Brian!

  87. Tami says:

    My artist was George and he was great. He made me feel very comfortable for my first tattoo and also had me cracking up. I didn’t even noticed he was finished!

  88. Maddie says:

    LOVE LEROY! he is an amazing tattoo artist and i had my first tattoo one by him on my ribs. I had it touched up few weeks later and he remembered me 🙂 deff. comig back because of him to get myy next tattoo!

  89. Kevin Sanders says:

    Best place to get a tattoo! Ask for Brian he does awesome work, just got my third tat from him and all three are awesome, thanks Brian.

  90. Jordan says:

    Very professional & friendly staff. I went in for my first piercing & the staff was more than helpful & informative. Will definitely be returning soon to have more work done! Thanks guys!

  91. Amber says:

    =) Got my first tattoo ever here while I was on vacay in PC, after I had my first child. Did a great job and I am coming down in the spring from PA to have it added too !! They made me feel welcome and comfortable. Thanks guys.

  92. Todd Gipson says:

    My Daughter, My Wife, and I have all gotten tattoos over the last couple of years from O2. Suzy, George, and Cindy have all been a part of adding to our life’s mural! Thanks for all the expertise and the attention to the details! We’ll be back!

  93. Madison Karrh says:

    I’m sixteen and Brian did my first tattoo this summer! He did an amazing job, made me laugh and made me feel really comfortable! Can’t wait for Brian to do my next tattoo!

  94. Cody S. says:

    My tattoo is the angler fish featured on Brian’s web page. He is a very professional and talented artist, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone getting a tattoo. Because I live 8 hours away from Oxygen Zone, I’ve gotten a few tattoos from other shops near my home in Atlanta, and I have yet to find an artist as talented as Brian. Congrats Oxygen Zone! You’ve won another loyal customer, and I can’t wait to get another tattoo from your shop.

  95. Sissy says:

    I have three tattoos, Bryan did them all, (redo of one). For my 35 wedding Anniversary I want something a little special, I showed Bryan what I had in mind and he went to work on drawing it up for me. This is a great place / we drive 6 hours just to come here. They make me feel welcome and comfortable. They never rush you or try to push something on you. I’m planning on another trip soon just to have Bryan do a touch up. Worth the drive to me. Thanks Bryan and Oxygen Zone!

  96. Dorothy says:

    While visiting family in PC, I found Oxygen Zone online & decided to check it out. This is a great tattoo shop. I felt at home the minute I walked in. Everyone was friendly and the place is clean & comfortable. I was impressed by the artwork on display. As a matter of fact, I got my 4th and 5th tattoo right then! And they are amazing! George added to my idea & used the font I wanted for my lettering. I’m sure they all thought I was crazy for getting a wrist tattoo and a ribcage tattoo… but George made me laugh & chatted with me through both. The ribs aren’t an easy area to tattoo but the Latin phrase is beautifully done. Straight, smooth & better than I ever thought it would be. I highly recommend this shop to anyone. I will be back for George to do my 6th tattoo very soon!

  97. Nikki T says:

    I just got my first tattoo on September 20th and I am so impressed. The place was clean, well organized, and really comfortable. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and Eric’s work is great. I got a piece on my shoulder that consists mostly of lettering, and it’s all even, straight, and absolutely perfect! He was patient with me (I’m kind of a wimp!) and had a totally steady hand. I’ll be recommending this place to friends and family forever, and I’ll be back for another tattoo soon.

  98. Brad Sparks says:

    I have been wanting to get a tattoo for several months. On vacation my daughter and I went to Oxygen to check the place out. When we walked in we were greeted by the staff and then Brian talked to us about designs and pricing. We returned the next day and Brian listened to my idea for a tattoo and took the time to create a custom sting ray for me. As this was my first time he made it a pleasant experience and the tattoo is awesome. I will never forget what he said when we left “welcome to your new addiction” He is a great artist and I highly recommend his work.

  99. Andrea Ethridge says:

    I am very impressed with how clean this place was, and George did an awesome job on my wrist

  100. Jstrickland says:

    Got my third tatoo today, firs at Oxygen. Nice, clean and comfortable place. Brought in my own drawing and it took no time at all for Vegas to get it ready to go. He did a beautiful job! Would definently return if ever get another. Thank you so much! Highly recommend.

  101. Lindsay says:

    i got my navel pierced here while on vacation, i have had it done before at a shop here at home and it was obviously not very good. the guy who did my piercing told me why i had so many problems with the last one, and was very helpful with explaining aftercare thoroughly. this place is very professional and i got a really awesome vibe from everyone working there. the only real problem i’m having now is getting my navel bar unscrewed, but other than that everything is great. i seriously recommend this place to anyone in the area thinking of getting a tattoo or piercing!

  102. Jon Hanson says:

    Outstanding experience. Vegas is an amazing artist. His patience and expertise are beyond approach. Thanks for the great artwork. I cant waitfor my next tattoo.

  103. Cummins says:

    I just want to say how impressed I was with Cue, and the atmosphere of this place . This was my first experience ever getting a tattoo. I have wanted to get one for years, but was always terrified due to the lack of cleanliness. Everyone there was helpful! Cue was awesome of understanding, and creating what I wanted . He was an amazing person to talk to, and was very personable. He made the first experience of getting a tattoo a great experience!!

  104. Greg Doss says:

    I got my first tattoo from Jason this week on vacation and must say he is an AWESOME artist!  The whole experience at Oxygen was GREAT!  I would like to personally thank Lawrence and Jason and I would highly recommend them!  The place was super clean as well!  I will be a returning customer!

  105. Lauren Morrow says:

    Jason Cue did an awesome job on my tattoo! I could not be happier! Great, clean shop! Will definitely be back! Thanks!

  106. Bailey Frederick says:

    I got my nose pierced here on a recent vacation…Oxygen is absolutely amazing!!!Jason is the best!!!Super clean shop and you will not be disppointed!!

  107. Lindsey Frederick says:

    I got my bellybutton pierced here on a recent vacation….Absolutely loved “Oxygen”, very clean shop. Jason is absolutely amazing!!!! I definitely recommend Oxygen!!

  108. Melissa Craig says:

    Absolutely the cleanest shop ever. And by far the best tattoo Artist EVER!!! Thank you Brian for the awesome tattoo And for making my vacation the best yet!! If anyone gets a chance to go to this shop ask For Brian Chambers. You will NOT be disappointed!!

  109. Stephanie Wingfield says:

    I got my bellybutton pierced here… And fell in love with Jason, because he’s the best thing since sliced bread. But that’s beside the point. It’s a really great shop and I’m gonna go back every time I go to pcb!

  110. Hison Mason says:

    The shop was great a wonderful place to get a tatto it was outstanding. The staff was great easy service no problems at all good job at that. I’ll rate my tatto a 10 why it came out how i wanted to be great art work and can’t forget great detail.Take my word its worth stoping by.

  111. Jordyn says:

    I had an absolutely terrible experience the last time I got my nose pierced. So, I was hesitant to get it done again. I came in to get my tragus pierced with a friend, who was doing her nose, and I ended up coming back two days later to get my nose done because the experience at Oxygen was so good. Jason did my tragus and my nose and he was absolutely fantastic. Very friendly and very professional. He made sure everything I needed to know was covered and definitely made the second trip worth it. I’m so happy with my two piercings! The place was so clean and was a very comfortable environment, so I might just end up coming back for more.

  112. Modern says:

    To be honest and blunt, that’s the atlbsuoe best thing you can do. If this guy does some truly sick work, and tells you to get in the chair and let him have at it, chances are you’re in good hands. If this cat has a waiting list, hold out for the work. That’s a surefire sign it’s worth waiting for. If you bring an idea to this artist and he can whip something out with a sharpie wherever you’re wanting it, go for it. I have tattooed over half my life and the pieces that are the best are the ones that people give me an idea and let me go to town on. I have done sleeves like that, and never have had a negative response. By doing this, you accomplish two things. One, you’re ensuring you are walking out of the shop with a one of a kind piece, and two, you are showing the artist you trust his judgement to give you what you are wanting. Get in the chair, what are you waiting for?

  113. Crystal Coleman says:

    My husband and I got tattoos here the last day of our vacation. From the moment we walked in, the customer service blew us away. Everyone was so helpful. Vegas was our artist and he did such an amazing job on our infinity rings. This was my first tattoo and he made me feel very comfortable. Will be paying these guys another visit the next time we’re in Panama City!

  114. jason walker says:

    My wife and I got tattoos at the shop and we are very happy with the tattoos.I got several tattoos and Brian Chambers has been one of the best I have dealt with.I got plans to go back labor day.

  115. Justice and Keisha says:

    Cue is awesome. We went in with 2 difficult tattoo request: an intertwined zodiac consisting of a sag, cap, and cancer; the other, an elephant armband to cover up a tattoo I have lived with for 19 years. Cue not only hand drew our custom tattoos but he took the time to make us feel comfortable about the whole process. He was very professional in making sure we got top quality tattoos! You get what you pay for!!!!

  116. Garrett Magee says:

    This is the best shop in Panama! I went and got a tattoo from Brian he does awesome work. All I did was gave them an idea of what I wanted and he drew it up and it was the best. Also the customer service there is great and its so clean! I would definitley go back for more tattoos!

  117. Jane says:

    My family and I went to Panama City Beach Florida for the first time (17 hr drive) and stayed in a condo close to the Oxygen Zone shop. My mom wanted a tattoo so we went in to the shop five times just so she could look and ask questions about getting a tat for the first time. The artists and shop workers were all wonderful to be around, they were all very helpful about any questions we had and my mom even let me get my first piercing, and I got my rook pierced! They did it so smoothly that it didn’t even hurt, and it is perfect! We are already planning a trip back to Florida for next year, and plan to go to the shop again to get more work done at Oxygen Zone!

  118. Star says:

    This is the best shop ever! I looked all over and this shop and artists are the very best. The shop is super clean, and all of the workers in the shop were very professional and helpful! I got my daughters rook pierced there and they were so sterile and professional that the whole process was pleasantly smooth! They answered any questions we had before and after with care and understanding. I had questions about tattoos and they were right there whenever I needed them, and encouraged us to come back anytime to ask anymore questions that we may have. I recommend Oxygen Zone Tattoo and Body Piercing to anyone who is a first timer, and anyone who has been getting work done for years!

  119. lindsey says:

    Mr. Bailey, After speaking with the manager about what happened the night you were here, we are sorry you feel that you were disrespected by what advice we had to offer. We pride ourselves on good customer service as well as educating our customers about certain tattoos that would not last or hold their integrity in the long run. We would definitely like your business but we don’t want to take your money if we know that it is something you will not be satisfied with forever. Most of our artists are even more comfortable with not doing a finger tattoo of any kind much less a small skull. We apologize you feel our advise was not sound although Lawrence and other staff in the shop, without visible tattoos, have extensive knowledge of the dos and don’ts of tattoos as they have been in the tattoo industry for many years. Again we are sorry but we would rather have you leave with a tattoo that we know you will love for years to come rather take your money and you be unsatisfied in the long run. We do hope you come in again someday with your tattoo ideas and hopefully we can give you the service we pride ourselves on.

  120. Todd Bailey says:

    My wife and I are local and came into your shop last night, June 26. This was not our first time at Oxygen Tattoo, got a piercing previously and totaly satisfied. This time we were wanting some ink done and wanted info on artists at Oxygen. Two artists were working on customers and a 3rd was helping another but acknowledged us and commented nobody being at the counter. When someone did show up we asked about artists working there and to who may be the best fit for what we wanted. He HIGHLY said we should not do that and he was sorry if that wasn’t what we wanted to hear, have a nice night. This was coming from an individual with zero visible ink on his skin. My wife and I both have a lot of work done. I’m glad your artists are doing well enough to turn away paying repeat customers but this will probably be the last time we go to Oxygen and will not recommend.

  121. Amanda says:

    I came in for my first tattoo over my vacation…Vegas had it finished in 5 minutes flat! I LOVE IT and still can not believe I have one…I am ready for another! Thanks yall!

  122. Annalee Allen says:

    I got my very first tattoo from Brian and it was the most amazing thing i have ever seen. He was so awesome and had the most interesting stuff to say. Kept me laughing all through the pain. He was even cool when i fell out of the chair!! He played it off like that stuff happens all the time!! I said i would only get one tattoo, but Brian has changed my mind! Awesome time down there and i can’t wait to go visit again!!

  123. Kaylyn says:

    I had Jason to pierce my cartilage and I’ll be honest , I was all nerves and he made me feel so much better. He was very professional and quick. Props to Jason!

  124. Brittany Davis says:

    This place is very friendly and a respectful tattoo shop! Brian Drew my idea and made it come to life. My tattoo is more Amazing then I thought it would be. He spent his time to do The greatest tattoo I could ask for. Thank you Brian and thanks To his wife who also kept me calm during my first tattoo. Y’all All amazing. I will be back(:

  125. Allie says:

    Michael did my Monroe piercing today and did a fantastic job. The place is great and it’s a very friendly environment. I would recommend it to anyone looking for piercings!

  126. Cynthia Flood says:

    I went in on june 8th to get a tatoo I had made up in memory of my Mom. Suzi did my tat and I must say she did an absalutley amazing job!! Everyone was so nice. I will return here if I ever want another. Thank you guys so much. I am amazed and proud of my tattoo.

  127. july leach says:

    when my husband asked me what i wanted to do next at thunder on the beach. i said i want a tattoo.hes not into tattoos rather than sitting on the comfortable sofa he sits on the steps for over 2 hours. the oxygen tattoo shop had the cleanest and more inviting store front. the staff was nice.the tattoo i picked out was a bit more than i exspected but was able to make it some smaller to fit my budget. george was my tatoo artist love the frog. it looked like baked frog roadkill for a while but underneith it was a hansome toad. thanks i will be back!!!

  128. Sabrina says:

    I had my navel pierced elsewhere but when it was infected I came here to see what they could do….Very friendly and fixed it right up. I will recommend this place to every one in the future. Thanks so much

  129. J. Lo says:

    Gr8 place, magnificent artist(Dustin), friendly, knowledgeable staff, (Eric)very professional & helpful-make U feel right @ home! Will return 4 more! Thx again 4 a gr8 experience! J. Lo 😉

  130. Gene Chewning says:

    My wife and I recently got tattoos in PCB at Oxygen Zone. I had ‘One Love’ wrote down my ribs by Jason. He did a badass job!! I did not think it was going to look as AWESOME as it did! I gave him a picture of the kind of font I wanted which he kind of went by but he added his own ideas to it as well which I loved! He made it look way better than the original picture! He is a very cool dude who makes you feel very comfortable and cares about each tat he does! I will continue to go to Jason at Oxygen for any other tattoos in the future! My wife and I could not have asked for a better tattooing experiance than we received at Oxygen Zone!!

  131. Breanne Chewning says:

    My husband and I recently got new tattoos in Panama City Beach at Oxygen Zone. Brian Chambers was my tattoo artist and he is AWESOME!!!! I got butterflies flying up my back and each one was in a different motion of flight. Brian added drop shadows to each of them and made it look like they were real butterflies landing on me! He used bright oranges and reds and made them look sooo realistic! The way he added shadows to the antennas was just amazing!! I wish I could post a picture because me talking about it does not do it justice! If you are wanting a tattoo in PCB go to Brian at Oxygen Zone!! Not only does he do fantastic work but him and his beautiful wife are so nice, down to earth and wonderful people! They made me feel so comfortable and like I was a part of their family! From now on I will make special trips to have Brian Chambers do any more tattoo work!

  132. Denise T. Shaddix says:

    I was in on 5/5/12 and the first person I would like to thank is Lawrence because it was he who set me up with the awesome Suzi. Suzi is the most talented artist with whom I have had the pleasure of being a client (too bad I live in Georgia). Suzi and I clicked and were simpatico. She did the most amazing and awesome job. By far she is very talented and I recommend that everyone ask for Suzi if you want to be with and done by the best. Thanks Suzi and dont forget too add the snake to you website pictures.

  133. Alisha Clark says:

    I got a new tattoo about 72 hours ago @ Oxygen & I am so pleased with Brian’s work!! He is an awesome artist!! He free hand drew a “Crab” for me & did his thang!! This is my 4th tattoo & truly the BEST one out of the four!! He picked the colors & off we went!! It looks so cute & I’v got so many compliments on it even before I left Panama the next day!! Now back home in Indiana & everybody LOVES it!!! Thank you Brian for a wonderful experience & great artwork!! I wish u & ur fiancé the best!! U two are a wonderful fit!! Live life to the fullest!! Stay straight, & love like uv never loved before!!! Hope to c u two happily married next summer!! Till then good luck!! Soak up the rays & the beach for me until i can get back!! Thanks again, Alisha Clark- Indiana

  134. Verna Ward says:

    I was in on 4/22/12 and Jason did the most amazing job on my first tatoo…..Thank you so much Jason…I love it!!! Well worth my trip from Wyoming to bring something unique home from the beach!!!

  135. JT says:

    I had a wonderful experience getting my first tattoo. I was helped right away, and given a good price. everything is very sterile as this was one of my worries about a tattoo parlor, so i paid a great deal of attention to that factor. Suzi is a great person to talk too, and she is an extremely talented artist. My tattoo is everything i wanted, and i have Oxygen Tattooz to thank for that.

  136. Evan says:

    Just got a piercing done by Jason, and I felt almost no pain (I’m not a “tough guy” either LOL). If you want a piercing check these guys out. The price was fair for the expertise I received, and the experience was awesome. Thanks again guys for the awesome work!!!

  137. Pauline says:


  138. Becky says:

    I had my tattoo done by Brian last week while I was on Spring Break. My son had drawn a picture of what I wanted, and when I took it into Oxygen, they blew me away with the ideas of creativity they gave me about the tattoo. The tattoo was a cover up, and Brian did a FANTASTIC job! He covered up my other tattoo, and put a special twist to the original design. Not only am I very happy with the end result, but my son was ecstatic! I am looking forward to seeing Brian in another month or so to get another tattoo done! Thanks a million! 🙂

  139. LaVonda says:

    I got my first tattoo done here and I’m happy I chose this place I kept searching for a good shop and I decided on this place based off the reviews thanks Im all :)’s

  140. lindsey says:

    Good afternoon Sarah, We tried to contact you via email with our response below, to speak in a closed forum, but the email was kicked back stating the email address provided by you does not exist. We would appreciate your response to us if you feel the need to respond to We are very sorry that you feel the way you do about your experience in our shop. We are definately not known for being rude and it is very important to us to find out when, who and why your experience was so unfortunate. As far as being overpriced, we feel we are usually very fair with pricing, but as we said we can only find out that information from your account of your experience. If at your earliest convenience you would like to respond with your account of what happened we would definately appreciate that, so we can right any wrongs we might have. Also if you are still in town we would love for you to come in Thursday morning and speak with our shop owner Ronnie. Again we are sorry your first experience wasn’t up to par but we hope we get the chance to exceed your expectations.

  141. Sarah says:

    Unless you want to be treated like shit then get an over priced tattoo then I suggest you go some where else.

  142. gage myers says:

    I just got my tattoo here by brian. It was a great experience and he did an amazing job. I can’t thank him enough and eill never forget the amazing job he did. I would recommend him to anybody, not to mention he is a great guy.

  143. Joe Leininger says:

    Wow! First class operation from start to finish. Jason took a simple sample picture I brought in and turned it into an amazing piece of art. I ended up getting both ears pierced and a high quality tattoo at the same time. I can’t thank the staff enough for the excellent treatment and professional attitudes the moment I walked in the door. If your going to do it, do it with these folks. They are the BEST!!!

  144. Chris says:

    I got my fourth tattoo while I was in Panama City for spring break. Everyone in the place is really friendly and Jason Cue is the man to see for some seriously good ink. I had a custom tribute tattoo to fallen soldiers done and it turned out absolutely phenomenal. Words cant describe how good Cue did. I will be getting the rest of my ink done here without a doubt. Its a relaxed and friendly environment and they make you feel right at home.

  145. Brittany says:

    While in Panama City Beach for Spring Break, my friend and I decided that we finally needed to get our Rooks done. We searched for the perfect place to get them done and found out that Oxygen is certified by the Board of Health in Florida! That pretty much sealed the deal for us. Once we got there everyone was really friendly and made sure that we were comfortable before and after we got our piercings! We’re SO glad we chose to go there. Will definitely be returning next time we’re in the area!

  146. Michael says:

    I visited Oxygen Zone for my first tattoo while on vacation for spring break. George was the one who did it and it turned out amazing. I would highly recommend Oxygen to anyone in Panama City. Staff is very friendly. Thanks again George

  147. Cameron sheppard says:

    The best tattoo I ever got so far. Dustin worked with The price that didn’t work for me and made me feel comfortable. I felt more than satisfied.the other tattoos I have were not the most comfortable thing I’ve ever done. I didn’t even feel this. Deff coming back

  148. Mark & Rachel says:

    My wife and I had our first tattoos done at Oxygen Tattooz. I had Cue and my wife had Vegas. Cue did an awesome job on my ink. He took the time to hear what I wanted and it turned out exactly as I had imagined it would. Vegas was was right on the mark with my wifes tattoo. She was really happy with the result. We will definitely be back for more. Great people to do business with.

  149. lindsey says:

    Sorry it got infected, but do make sure you follow all directions the piercer gives you on aftercare and never touch your piercing if you have not washed you hands. If you ever have any questions about a piercing or would like someone to make sure it is healing well, do not hesitate to give us a shout.

  150. Maggie says:

    I got my ear pierced there recently (the cartilage) and soon after it got infected, but today im going back to get my nose pierced to give them a second try. Wish me luck! (:

  151. Brian Engel says:

    On Sept 12, 2011, my wife and I were in Panama City and decided we wanted Tattoos. After much debate we settled on Oxygen. When we arrived we were greeted by Cue. I already had my design, however my wife needed help with hers. We were blown away by Cue’s vision of what she wanted. The man was awesome. Both of our tattoo’s came out simply amazing. Cue has set the bar super high for me and I am scared that I won’t find an artist here in Kansas City that matches his talent. I would honestly consider flying to Florida just to have this man put more artwork on my body. In fact, I just recommended him to David Draiman this morning in a conversation we were having regarding my piece. Thanks Oxygen and more importantly, thanks Cue for the amazing work you did!

  152. Julie says:

    Jason pierced my tragus and he made it quick and painless, Also he was very professional and made me feel at ease about getting it done. I will definitely be coming back for more from him 🙂

  153. Jessica says:

    LeRoy did my tattoo a couple of days ago and all I’ve got to say is Wow! It was my fourth tattoo. He had done a blacklight tattoo for me and my mom a few days before. Extremely good job on that too! It was my moms first one. She’s a RN and notices things like cleanliness and she was extremely impressed. (And that says A LOT!) LeRoy added on to my work on my side completing my flower design. The only thing I regret was not having the whole piece done by him! His work was outstanding! I would give this shop and LeRoy a 200% recommendation!

  154. Debi says:

    I got a memorial tat from Jason Cue. It came out even better than I thought. He is an awesome artist. No one else will ink me but him from now on!! Thanks Jason!!

  155. Chenoa says:

    I absolutely love my tattoo. You guys took the time to listen to what I wanted and you put your own artistic spin on it. Thank you Justin!!!!

  156. Madison says:

    Jason is the best piercer and Leroy is just the best , he’s done two of my tattoos and I’ll always go back to him for more! Those two guys make me feel like family, Oxygen is the BEST!!!

  157. Amber says:

    Tragus piercing done in July.. No pain, no problem! The shop is very clean which is a biggie for me! Love Oxygen!

  158. Sarah Losee says:

    Recently got pierced by Suzi she did a great job, very professional. Very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

  159. Hayle, Delaine says:

    Me and my Mother got our fist tattoos and Absolutly love them. the place it very friendly, well lit and clean. it was a very fun and relaxed excperience. Thanks Cue you did an amazing job.

  160. Kaitlin says:

    Got my very first tattoo here when I was 20… LOVED the store & everyone was very nice. I completely love my tattoo & it brings a smile to my face everyday! Thanks OZ for such a wonderful experience and amazing piece of art!!!

  161. Russell Holbrook says:

    I got a tattoo from Suzi in July and it was by far one of the best tattoo experiences I’ve ever had! Not only is Suzi an exceptional artist, she worked really hard on my custom piece to get it exactly how I wanted it to be. She was very patient and really took her time to get every detail just right. It was a joy to collaborate with such an accomplished artist on a custom piece which has such great personal significance to me! Also, the shop was really clean and everyone on staff was really cool, friendly, helpful and professional. Oxygen has a very comfortable atmosphere and I felt right at home! Thank you to everyone there for such a great experience and for giving me such a great piece of art, one that I will have with me forever! Sincerely, Russell Holbrook.

  162. Pete Moore says:

    Once again, Oxygen comes through! I’ve been in a TON of T&P shops. Oxy is VERY clean and VERY professional. Hats off to Jason! He did my second nipple piercing (almost painlessly). If I had a third one… Guess who’d do it. Please keep up the great job guys and gals.

  163. David and Melody says:

    My wife and I got tattoos here and they look amazing. This is a great establishment. Huge thanks to Dustin and Eric S.!

  164. Bridget says:

    I had a tattoo done in 08 here and I have had so many compliments on it that I drove 6 hours to get another one. Cue is an artist and did a beautiful job on my rib cage peace, I Love it and I will defiantly drive another 6 hours for more ink;)

  165. Desiree Kelley says:

    I love you guys! We came on vacation to Port Saint Joe and I found you all online. I knew as soon as I found you we would be doing business with you. My boyfriend got inked by Jason Cue and he was so awesome!! And an Okie just like us! His tat was incredible! I got my nose pierced and was completely comfy with Jason Tolberd. He was amazing too! We couldn’t have been more pleased with the service we got from the entire staff! We will def be back next summer! I wish you guys were closer to home! 🙁 Thanks for the incredible experience!

  166. Savanna Kira says:

    I just got my tattoo done by George today and honestly I was a little worried about it, but DAMN can that guy tattoo. My skin is still a little red but the letters on my quote came out perfect, absolutely amazing. My first tattoo was done by the beach and it was just… flawed so this is a very nice change. Definitely coming back for my next one!

  167. Kathi Clarke says:

    I just got two new Tattoos from Dane while on vacation last week. Out of all my Tattoos this was the best experience. Did not hurt any at all! Everyone in the shop was very nice. My son got his first Tattoo redone, it was a mess. Looks great but one part missing the color… Overall great!

  168. Chad says:

    If ANYONE is serious about getting inked and they are in PCB, stopping by here is a MUST! I waited 6 years to find someone to fix a tribal cover up for me and these guys are the BEST! Cue is a very professional artist with a vision of what a tattoo should look like before he even gets started. The entire staff was friendly and helpful and not pushy when approached w/ questions. Stop in a check these guys out before you commit to anything, you will not regret it. Cue…thanks again man, it looks AWESOME!!!

  169. Facebook says:

    Sarah J Egbert-McDowell: “thanks for being a part of my walk on the wildside and to Jason Cue, u are a great artist and i love my tat….Im one of the Dragon Fly bunch…….You guys were all awesome thanks again : ) It is my first tat, but it wont be my last ♥” Facebook June 1st 2011

  170. Facebook says:

    Carol Murray Wisner: “Went here on my birthday..Got my first ever Tat..its pretty awesome..Thanks Dane u did a great job & it didnt hurt..much!! Everyone At Oxygen Tattoo was awesome!!” Facebook June 1st 2011

  171. Bonnie says:

    I went into the shop with friends who were considering a tattoo and I ended up getting an industrial piercing in my left ear. I can’t say enough about how happy I am with it. Michael was AMAZING! He took his time in marking the locations and in the actual piercings to ensure that it was perfect. He also clearly explained the process beforehand as well as proper aftercare. I would definitely go back to Oxygen Tattoos and would recommend Michael as a highly skilled piercer. In addition, the place was really clean and the staff that I dealt with were very friendly.

  172. Corey says:

    so i got tatted up thursday night and i wanna thank all the people up there for being really helpful and most of all i wanna thank dane for doin a awesome job on my spidey tat i will be back next years guys thanks oz

  173. Jacob H says:

    My older brother, mom, and dad all got their tattoos from here. I am getting mine here in 2 weeks. Family loved the place, great service and very clean place

  174. Heather says:

    Me and my sis just had naval piercings done together this past friday ( the 13th ). It was a great experience! Jason T was the man for the job. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed. My whole crew was there and were able to be right there with me while I was getting pierced. Good clean atmosphere. If I get anything else done, I will make that 8 hour drive back!

  175. Kendra says:

    Tuesday I got a lower back tattoo by Dave. It is so awesome, he did an great job, made me feel right at home, and I couldn’t be happier with it! Thanks so much Dave!

  176. Alicia M. Philipp says:

    I had a large butterfly tattoo done by Mr. Leroy Conner on Monday April 18th, 2011. He did a remarkable job! His work is absolutely perfect and I’ve had nothing but compliments. I highly recommend Oxygen Tattoo – all of their staff were professional and pleasant to chat with. The shop was extraordinarily clean and everything was in order. I will definitely be making many future stops at Oxygen Tattoo in the future!

  177. Heather Moss says:

    I got my belly button pierced here 9 months ago. After I got mine pierced, my friends got theirs done from tattoo shops here in Georgia. Theirs weren’t as clean and evenly done as mine. I love it. It clean and the staff is great. I got my first and last piercing there, And I’m gonna make a trip to get my first tattoo with y’all. :] Thanks.

  178. Casey says:

    I have been very skeptical about getting my first tattoo, because of my religious views (Christian), and after researching this topic I believe that tattoos are not an “unholy” thing. So after deciding I wanted a tattoo, I was sure that I wanted a Christian to do my first tattoo. I thought this would be very hard to find especially with the limited amount of time I was in Panama City, and also I wanted part of the tattoo to be “blacklight”, so I was almost certain I would not find someone like this in the amount of time I had. Then I found Oxygen Zone and came across Leroy. After discussing my design with him I came back the next day and got inked. I was very nervous because of many things (mainly the pain), but Leroy talked to me through the whole tattoo, and I barely even felt it. He is a very good artist, very understanding, and very clean in his work. I now have many ideas for my future tattoos, and I am certain that I will be coming back next year to have him add to my collection. Thanks Leroy and OZ for making my first tattoo a great experience.

  179. Greg says:

    My wife and I got tattoos last summer by Jason. The place is super clean and classy. Jason did and Indian mascot on my arm and vine on my wife’s belly. We live above Atlanta and will never get another shop or artist to do our work from now on. They should be on television1

  180. john says:

    I have nothing but good things to say about the staff and the shop,i got my 1st tat done by CUE! HANDS DOWN !!! HE will be my only artist,i was helped by Lawrence,amazing service(i wish i had employee like Lawrence)… the shoped looked super clean,bright,to many designs to chose from,but i had mine custom drawn,i told CUE my idea,he got it on paper just as i imagined it…AGAIN THANK YOU CUE & LAWRENCE for an amazing experience!!!

  181. Adam says:

    I’ve gotten two tattoos from Cue and the quality of work is un-matched. The atmoshpehere in the shop makes it hard to leave the place. I am dedicated to the shop now and will leave Panama City at the end of every summer with artwork from Oxygen!

  182. Rhonda Soechting says:

    My husband and I drove all the way from Nashville, TN to get tatted by Oxygen. We both got two tattoos each. George did mine (which look great) and Cue did my husband’s (which was awesome). We emailed everything to them and they had them ready for us when we arrived. They met our expectations and more. We will definitely be back for some more. Thanks, guys. Also, thanks to Lawrence for my piercing 🙂

  183. Terri (birmingham) says:

    I road all over the strip tryng to find a tattoo shop, most looked dark and dirty. I came up to Oxygen it was well light and it looked clean the people where friendly and FUZZY took the time to help me create a tatt that honored my mother who passed a way from breast cancer just a few months earlier. Thanks Guys this means alot.

  184. Ruthie says:

    I was very impressed with Oxygen Zone. I got my sixth tattoo done there yesterday by George, and I was very pleased with the studio, the staff, and of course the work. The space was inviting, well-lit, and clean, the selection of body jewelry was extensive, and the crew was very relaxed and friendly. I showed up with a small custom design and was on a table within 15 minutes. George was funny, attentive, and really chill. Prices were more than fair. I usually have my work done by independent artists, but I would return to and recommend Oxygen Zone without pause. Thanks for an awesome work of art!

  185. Adi says:

    I just got my first tattoo from here, and it looks UNBELIEVABLE. Its a tattoo of a phoenix down my lower side with the tail feathers saying the number “80” like Adi cryptically. All I did was come in with a stencil sketch of a phoenix I liked, and they turned it into an awesome piece of art! I rate them 10/10 Thank you for the great job Leroy!!

  186. Melinda K. says:

    Dear Vegas, Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did on my lower back! You took the art I already had and added onto it…to match the art I had already…it looks wonderful! All of my friends can’t believe how great the new art looks…and how it blends so well with what I already had done! I can’t wait to come back next summer and have you add some more to the mural I am in progress of creating! If anyone thinks that they can’t add-on to existing art…they are wrong! They just need to come see you! Thanks bunches babe! See you next summer!

  187. brooke says:

    I just want to give a big thanx for the service i have received from Lawrence,he helped me and my husband with are first tattoos,we love them,he was not my artist,we were so dissapointed but he had Jason cue do both of our tattoos and we love them,got so many compliments on them,my husband and i are already talking about our second tattoo that we want jason cue to do and with the help of lawrence and jason as our artist,we already know that it’s going to be an amazing piece of body art. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING GUYS!!!! see you soon…

  188. Pete Moore says:

    I have managed a large retail store for the last 12 years and know the amount of bullsh#t you guys have to put up with. My girlfriend (she works in retail also) wanted a very simple tattoo and I a piercing. I can’t say enough about how well we were treated. Both of us are very familiar with getting pierced and tattooed and agreed that your shop is over the f**kin’ top when it comes to professionalism and quality. Please keep up the great work! We’ll be back.

  189. Delanie says:

    I just got my belly button pierced yesterday! They’re really great they tell you everything you need to know and keep you comfortable. I was scared to death but afterwards I realized their was nothin to be scared of!!! This is really a great place

  190. Brett says:

    I had two tatoos done by Jason, that was very professionally done and looks great. I will definitely be back to get more work done Brett

  191. john severino says:

    Jason Cue did a great job for me in Oct-2009 while on vacation ,he designed a cross with a shark around it, this has profound meaning to me ,im a very spiritual person and put God first . excellent design and job ,have a great comments on your work .you also put 3 stars on my daughters ankle ,we will always have this memory together .Plan on stopping by when in panama city ,your work is great ..God bless

  192. erin says:

    I got my tatoo about 2 weeks ago and it’s amazing! Leroy did it and he did a great job. I’ll be back for sure if I get a chance!

  193. Kayla says:

    Brian is amazing! He did my tattoo in 2008 and it was my first tattoo and he answered my questions and let me listen to rock music. Awesome! I live in Tennessee and planning a trip back to Panama City to get another from him. Love the shop guys!

  194. Michael Edwards says:

    Oz, My name is Michael Edwards and I work for the Tennessee Highway Patrol. I came into your place and got my very first tattoo. The experience was awesome. Your place was the nicest and most professional looking of all the places I visited. I think the guy’s name that did my tattoo was “crantz”. or something like that. anyway Thanks for the excellent experience

  195. Flocka says:

    I had a great experience at the shop while getting my tattoo done. Brian was my artist and did a great jobs.Artists and staff were great as well as the artwork done. Will def be returning and will recommend yall to all of my friends!

  196. Lynn Suggs says:

    This was my second tattoo by Vegas…both were great experiences. I felt comfortable having my two “well-behaved” kids there with me and was not worried about infections. This is a very “clean” place. Other than a little pain…it was an awesome experience. But, no pain – no gain!

  197. kevin says:

    I would just like to say that the staff and atmosphere at oxygen was very professional. I received my first tattoo from jason cue who did an outstanding job. I have gotten nothing but positive compliments on how great of a job he did on it. I plan on making the 6 hr drive back down for my second and third tattoos by mr cue. And also, I have to say how clean the place was, very nice.

  198. James David Trentham says:

    My visit was great. It was my first tatoo at 50 years old and was a cross in memory of my past younger brother. Now i have something to take to the grave and never forget my brother. I had such a great feeling after leaving the shop. I WILL and WOULD do it again. Thanks, Jason Cue

  199. kay kieff says:

    I got heremy 1st tattoo . very nice people to help you I want to thank ya’ll again. I really love my tattoo. I got great comments on it very pleased customer Kay

  200. Kevin Chupp says:

    I just want to start off by saying that if you want a clean and professional atmosphere for a tattoo then go to oxygen zone. Jason Cue was a very friendly and professional artist who can draw and tattoo anything he wanted. My next tattoo will be from mr cue !

  201. amy smith says:

    The place was super clean and friendly,from the minute you walk in i felt happy to know that both of my kids decided to get there tatoos and piercing there,L

  202. Thelma and Louise says:

    We were down from Ga celebrating 30yrs of friendship and wanted our first Tats done together.Our Tats were done by Dave. He was so awsome, friendly and made us feel very comfortable.I will travel all the way from Ga. to get my next Tat done from him. The place is clean and Lawrence was super nice.We loved the friendly atmosphere. Thanks guys for being part of our 30 yrs of friendship celebration.We are lovin our Tats.

  203. Shar says:

    Four friends recently experienced their first tattoos designed by Vegas. He is a true artist and did an awesome job. He answered all of our questions and made us feel very comfortable with our individual choices. The shop is very clean and well-lit. Everyone seemed helpful.

  204. Jessica says:

    I absolutely love my tattoo. Vegas did an amazing job and really made me comfortable!

  205. Symphony, Opacalypse, James says:

    I’ve recently just received the best service and art in my body art collection. Thanks to Cue and all the members at OZ. You guys are the best. TEAR IT UP!

  206. James Blake Kirton says:

    I got my tongue pierced by a guy name Jason today! My friend got something else done, but It was the a great experience for me. Jason walk me threw what I needed to do with the aftercare. I really looking forward with doing more business with you guys! Rate you guy a 10 plus! I was also wounding if you guy have a facebook? If so hit me up I would really be honor to be a fan! PeAcE!!!!

  207. Allison Pastor says:

    Have gotten all three of my tattoos from Brian – love them all and looking forward to getting possibly my fourth one this coming Labor Day Weekend. Allison

  208. Elizabeth G. says:

    I have two tattoos from Leroy. He did a peony on my shoulder and a rose on my arm and did a beautiful job. I always get compliments on the work done and have even recieved compliments from other tattoo artists!