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Pricing!! HOW MUCH IS….

31 May

body sleeve

Constantly via phone and emails and internet we are asked how much is a butterfly, a sleeve, a word, a sentence, and many other pictures or ideas.  This is like asking how much is a bag of groceries! Its not that we don’t want to give you a price but it all depends on whether there is lobster in that bag or just plain old Ramen noodles.

When pricing a piece, artists and staff alike need to know details. What size, what font, what style, how big, where, what colors? Its hard!!!! When we say we can’t price over the phone it is not because we want to be jerks, we just can’t see what you are imagining or your ideas without talking to you in person about ALL THE DETAILS!!!

Swing by the shop anytime and we can discuss with you all these things. We don’t mind at all looking at your ideas and listening to your tattoo desires. This is what makes our jobs great! WE LOVE TALKING TO YOU ABOUT WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU!!!




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