Important Tattoo Aftercare Procedures

  • After a few hours, gently remove bandages. DO NOT re-bandage
  • Wash tattoo with warm water and liquid antibacterial soap using hands only, NO washcloths.
  • DAB tattoo dry with clean paper towel then apply ointment by hand.
  • Gently massage ointment into tattoo. Swipe excess unabsorbed ointment off with your hand.
  • Wash Tattoo TWICE a day. SHOWERS ONLY, NO BATHS.
  • Apply ointment three times a day or as often as needed to relieve burning or itching.
  • Keep aftercare up until skin is healed fully. It can take up to four weeks for skin to completely heal.
  • DO NOT pick or scratch at pealing skin.
  • DO NOT use any ointments other than those recommended by the tattoo artist.
  • NO swimming or soaking until fully healed. This will ruin your tattoo.
  • NO direct sun until fully healed. This will fade the colors.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing to protect your tattoo while it heals.
  • After tattoo is fully healed, protect it from sun fading with good sun block lotion.